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Wednesday 6th May 2020

08.30 Morning all. Opening up, with the female brooding.  08.46 Early morning preening. 08.54 Preening all done, time for her morning stretching exercises.  09.00 Female changes position, now facing outwards.  09.05 Female starts calling out, then leaves, leaving the chicks all alone. 

09.08 Female comes back and starts feeding her young.  09.15 After her chicks have had a good feed, she leaves with the remains of the carcass. Once again leaving the chicks home alone.  09.17 Male comes in, hoping to have his turn brooding his young. NO CHANCE! she in immediately, he's off with his tail between his legs. 

09.59 BEHAVE! 

10.03 Female preening herself, making sure she looks nice for Andrew Gorton when he starts his shift.  10.12 Snooze time.  10.35 All quiet on the western front, think she's enjoying the Cromer sun on her back.  10.44 Change of position, making sure her chicks gets some of the Cromer sunshine.  11.00 Female brooding chicks - resting on wings with chicks visible.

11.00 One chick defecated.

11.08 Adult preening

11.18 Adult shuffling chicks

11.28 Adult seems relaxed with eye shut

11.31 Adult settling chicks

11.48 Adult preening

11.52 Adult settling chicks

12.15 One of the chicks picking at gravel

12.17 Adult having a stretch

12.23 - 12.26 adult left and came back with prey. Couldn’t get good look at prey. Feeding chicks.

12.36 adult leaves with prey.

12.36  Both adults in nest box. Male flies off. Female settles on chicks.

12.42 chick defecates

13.00 - 13.54     Falcon awake but little movement

13.55 Change of position, some movement with glimpse of chicks

14.15 Adult pecking around at gravel

14.22 Adult Standing up with view of chicks

14.24 Adult settles down

14.35 Adult standing up again with view of chicks

14.39 Adult preening

14.41 Falcon facing forward, chicks visible

14.51 Falcon turns away from camera. Chicks covered

15.39 Female feeding  chicks, prey had some feathers, but unidentifiable.

16.15 Female brooding chicks, gently pushing them under her with bill

16.22 Female asleep

16.32 Standing over chicks

16.36 Preening

16.50 Female to edge of nestbox

17.02 Left nest

17.03 Female back with kill, no feathers on kill so unidentifiable,

female feeding chicks

17.15 female eating remains of  kill

Thanks to Graham Long, Andrew Gorton, Ann Cleall and Julian Thomas for todays blog

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