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CPP blog- Friday 9th of June 2023

Will it be today?

00.00 two bundles of feathers asleep in the NW corners, looking as though there’s not an ounce of mischief between them. 00.11 time to wake up, tidy themselves up for the day ahead. 00.27 settled again. It looks a bit breezy up there. 04.04 they’ve benn mostly settled for the last few hours, just the odd fidget, stretch and preen but now time for Z to get up, have a flap at the front of the box and drop onto the roof. Sounds like a chick calling. Lots of frantic flapping out there. 04.06 took a first “flight” could have been a long glide with a bit of a flap of from the ridge of the roof to the east side gully out of sight, or maybe just a controlled descent, or mini fledge! They can’t practice that in many places before they fledge! 04.07 X who was looking very settled now calling. 04.17 X has now moved to the front of the box. Still a few downy bits but looking very much peregrine. 04.19 X leaves the box and has a good flap. Lots of calling. Drops down to SW corner. 05.47 camera pans round find Z at back of box, while X hops back into the box. Noisy from what sounds like peregrine alarm call and gull. 06.22 one chick in box, one running around the front. 06.26 Z comes back into box for a short visit. 06.31 she’s off again and quickly out of sight moving round to the back of the box on the ridge. Becoming a favourite spot. 07.21 calling again X leaves the box for a flap then comes back in. 07.22 back out for another flap! Very vocal. Then out of sight. 08.16 dad arrives into box with food, seems surprised not to find the chicks there. X is straight in, grabs the prey, initially taking it to one corner, then wandering round with it. 08.20 both chicks back in the box for a while, then X exits with the prey. 08.24 Z making a lot of noise in the box. Sits of the edge shouting. 08.30 leaves the box, both chicks out of sight.

10.00 Falcon on NE pinnacle, Male on NW.

11:00 Same.

11:35 Female flew around for 10mins, settled on S ledge eating.

Midday another fly female landed on SE pinnacle.

12:20 Male still on NW pinnacle.

13:25 Female moved to top of NE pinnacle, Male flying.

13:37 Male flying landed out of sight with prey.

13:45 Male flying

14:45 Male arrives back lands on W side out of view.

14:47 Male moves to SE pinnacle. Female still on top of NE pinnacle.

14:53 Female on the roof.

15:00 Male flying arrives on NE pinnacle.

15:05 Female flying carrying small prey, dropped it onto the roof then laded on W side of SE pinnacle just visible from the WP.

Photo credits- Bev

15.40 Male landed on NW point.

Photo credits- Jane Crossen

19.19 X perched on the crenelation of the church roof.

Photo credits- CPP

20.48 The juveniles roost back in the nest box.

Photo credits- CPP

130 visitors to the watchpoint.

Thank you to today's volunteers- John, Deb, Colin, Jane, Bev, Julian and Kim.

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