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CPP – Tuesday 13th June 2023

0320 hrs our juveniles roosting outside the nest box for the first time

0345 hrs both chicks have spent their first night outside the nest box roosting on the West side of the SE pinnacle, VZN above on the pinnacle, VXN below on the top of the Eastern most Fleur De Lis.

0400 hrs both juveniles are awake. VXN flies from her Fleur De Lis to the next one and has a really good flap around.

0407 hrs VZN flies from the pinnacle onto the ridge of the roof then towards the South side of the roof.

0416 hrs VXN, with lots of calling, returns to Eastern most Fleur De Lis from next one to it.

0425 hrs VZN flies upwards from second Fleur De Lis to perch on pinnacle and makes a reasonably accomplished landing.

0427 hrs VZN tries to climb a bit higher up the pinnacle but then drops back onto her perch. She flaps her wings leaving them down by her side, ready for action.

0428 hrs off she flies, looking determined.

0436 hrs VXN flies/hops to the next-door Fleur De Lis then flies onto the roof in front of the nest box. She enters the box, has a look round and a bit of a peck then sits at the front of the box for a while.

0440 hrs from the clattering noise it sounds like a bird could be sitting on the nest box.

0516 hrs loud calling can be heard but neither VZN or VXN in view.

0522 hrs the cameras pan round, VZN is on the roof at the back of the box and VXN quickly comes into shot right on queue.

0525 hrs calling heard as though feed imminent. VZN takes off, possibly on to central Fleur De Lis on North side

0526 hrs VXN follows, out of sight, still calling

0527 hrs the male arrives in nest box with food, no one home so he flies off again shortly to arrive on roof behind the box where he is greeted by one of the chicks (possibly VZN) who grabs the prey and takes it away

0528 hrs VXN turns up in nest box, sees no food then goes to back of roof to try to share with VZN

0534 hrs VXN moves away from food towards box

0716 hrs VXN visible on North edge of roof

0730 hrs VXN is visible on roof

0750 hrs lots of calling, sounds like both chicks, VXN hops off screen

1000 hrs the watchpoint opens and reports a good view of the male on the South side Fleur De Lis while the female is on the NE pinnacle water spout

1120 hrs the two adult birds remain as above

1125 hrs one of the juveniles is on the North side of the church tower visible to the watchpoint, a brief view is also given of the other one

1127 hrs the adult female circled the tower, flew briefly inland before returning to the North side of the church tower

1134 hrs the male flew off NW

1139 hrs the adult female flies South

1152 hrs the male returned with prey (pigeon?) and dropped down inside the tower roof area to feed the juveniles

1200 hrs one of the juveniles is visible on the N side of the tower

1239 hrs the male moves from the SE pinnacle to the NE pinnacle

1247 hrs work on the roof of Upstairs Downstairs seems to be upsetting the Gulls, one got too close and was seen off by the adult female who then landed on the top of the SE pinnacle, the male moved round to the NE pinnacle affording the watchpoint and it’s visitors a view.

1307 hrs our juveniles enjoying the sun, staying close to each other

1315 hrs the male flies South

1318 hrs VXN striking a pose – what a beauty

1350 hrs the adult female leaves her perch

1413 hrs the female is on the inside of the SW pinnacle

1441 hrs Our pair, who seem to stay close together sharing a Fleur De Lis

1505 hrs VXN is sitting at the base of a Fleur De Lis on the South side of the tower

1530 hrs no Peregrines currently in view

1537 hrs the male is perched on top of the NE pinnacle

1538 hrs the male has left again

1656 hrs VZN making sure we knew who she was!

1657 hrs one of our juveniles perched on a Fleur De Lis

One of the juveniles early this morning – taken by Chris S

Three Peregrines in this shot early this morning – taken by Chris S

Majestic Poppy early this morning – taken by Chris

The 2 juveniles sharing a Fleur De Lis today – taken by Bev using a phone through equipment kindly loaned to the watchpoint by Viking Optics

Thanks to all our volunteers today: Chris for some great camera captures and some photos he managed to take on a short break from work early this morning and to Bev, Jane, Roger, Tim & Val for blogging & watchpoint duties, there were 180 visitors to the watchpoint on a beautiful warm sunny day.

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