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What We Do 

The Cromer Peregrine Project (CPP) is an independently run group of experts dedicated to the study of the peregrines that have made Cromer Church their home. 

We have 3 cameras set up on top of the Church to monitor the daily activities of the peregrines. During the breeding season the live stream is recorded and passed onto university students who will then study the behaviour of the adult and juvenile peregrines, this will include the frequency of the feeds as well as the study of the prey items. 

Once the juvenile peregrines are old enough, with the help of a licensed bird ringer, the young will get ringed. 2 rings are added, A metal BTO ring which has a unique number and contact details so that finders can send any recovered rings to the BTO as part of the national bird ringing scheme. The darvic ring will be coloured and have a unique combination of numbers, letters or a mixture of both. These rings can be easily views through a camera or with binoculars and help with the study of the dispersion of the juvenile birds. 

During the breeding season we run a watchpoint for the peregrines with scopes trained on the top of the Church Tower, we also have a large screen installed in the Church with shows a live stream of the nest platform.

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