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CPP blog - Wednesday 14th June 2023

0000 hrs the 2 heroes (the juveniles) in this story are perched on the SE pinnacle in the same spots as last night, VZN above and VXN below

0429 hrs VZN lightens the load, and almost loses balance

0430 hrs after just about regaining composure she launches and flies off to the west. As you look at VXN you can see her tracking something in the sky She has a flap herself, then VXN also launches into the sky (I think) but it could have been just to a Fleur De Lis a bit further along It is over a minute before there is a bit of a bumpy landing on the roof in front of the box, and whoever landed moved straight down to the West side.

0434 hrs the chicks can be heard calling

0436 hrs VXN flies back onto her perch (from the roof)

0438 hrs VZN flies back onto her higher perch

0440 hrs VXN flies/drops from the pinnacle onto the roof making a lot of noise the goes into the nest box then out onto the roof again, sounding really hungry

0442 hrs VZN is watching something in the air, she is watching but not getting excited as she would if food were being brought in

0442 hrs a peregrine flies between the camera and the SE pinnacle (from right to left) then moments later VXN appears on the Fleur De Lis just to the north side of the SE pinnacle

0444 hrs VXN is off the pinnacle heading towards the back of the roof

0448 hrs VZN drops onto roof then moves to the East out of sight, still lots of noise

0455 hrs VZN visits box the goes back to perch on pinnacle

0503 hrs the adult female flies in with prey and lands on the same perch as VZN A tug of war follows with VZN only managing to stay on the perch because she is holding so tightly to the food the adult female starts to feed VZN

0507 hrs VXN lands underneath and is calling for food but being ignored

0516 hrs with the feed still going on VXN flies from her perch towards the West Shortly after a shadow passes across the North side of the pinnacle suggesting a bird in flight, very close

0517 hrs VZN flies from the upper perch leaving the adult female behind with the remnants of food

0522 hrs both chicks are now sitting on the South side Fleur De Lis while the adult female finishes her breakfast, then as the cameras reposition you can see the adult female flying away, down and East VZN goes back up to the top perch.

0523 hrs the adult female flies back round and out of sight, VXN moves back onto Fleur De Lis at base of pinnacle.

0607 hrs VZN flies off over church roof leaving VXN hungry and calling

0737 hrs VXN still in same position, barely having moved for last 2 hours

0742 hrs VXN moves one Fleur De Lis to the West, then flies to upper perch on pinnacle to see if there is any food left

0752 hrs VXN defecates, has a good flap of her wings

0753 hrs VXN flies from pinnacle to central railing, camera shaking as she lands

0754 hrs VXN flies back up to 3rd from left Fleur De Lis, then hops to second left, flaps again

0756 hrs VXN flies down onto roof close to nest box Still not clear if she’s done any flying away from the tower or just with the safety net of the tower beneath her

1000 hrs the watchpoint is open and reports the male is on the NE pinnacle since

1030 hrs one of the juveniles flew

1058 hrs one of the juveniles flew

1112 hrs one Juvenile on SW pinnacle near bottom

1127 hrs the juvenile moves out of view

1132 hrs the watchpoint had some nice comments from a couple. They’ve been watching since 2019. She said it kept her sane during lockdown, and whoever does the camera should get an award.

1144 hrs the male flew off

1147 hrs VZN has flown

1206 hrs the male is back and on the SW pinnacle. Juvenile has been on south parapet, but has just flown out of view

1229 hrs the adult female and juvenile on SW drain spout with prey

1230 hrs the adult female is feeding juvenile beak to beak

1248 hrs the watchpoint visitors are enjoying the feeding display (photo – Jane)

1254 hrs the adult female has flown leaving the juvenile in situ alone. Male has been on NE pinnacle all the time.

1430 hrs the adults are never far away (photo – Chris)

1714 hrs a fine figure of a juvenile peregrine (photo – Chris)

1716 hrs what a beauty trying to look cute (photos – Chris)

1719 hrs sisters (photo – Chris)

1722 hrs VXN posing (photo Chris)

Sleepy juvenile not interested in food (photo - Jane)

Thanks to today’s volunteers, Chris for some great camera captures & repostiniong the camera to afford good views and to Andrew, Bev, Jane, Martin & Tony for blogging & watchpoint duties.

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