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Wednesday 3rd June 2020

05.40 An early check and all three young are active, squabbling over some prey remains.

06.40 A more peaceful scene: two are resting in the nestbox, while one of the male chicks surveys the outside world.

07.17 The bird that was on the edge is off! It runs along the apex of the roof with much wing flapping, before coming to a stop.

07.45-07.49 The two individuals in the box are frequently wing-stretching & can be seen removing down feathers from their bodies; one is still out in the roof.

07.55 The youngster on the church roof is on the move again, wandering off out of view down the right hand slope.

08.05 The remaining two are still tussling with some scraps in the back of the box. The rooftop runner appears to see what the commotion is, peering in before returning to the apex.

08.15 A typical view at present: one chick on the roof, one on the rim of the box, one (the female in this case) at the back of the nest.

08.19 The less downy young on the edge of the nestbox moves out to join its sibling on the roof. Shortly after, one of the adults arrives with food, which is immediately grabbed by the bolder chick, leaving the newcomer empty-taloned. The latter moves off down the roof as the adult departs, all the while with the female chick in the box looks on.

08.21 The recipient of the prey drags it back to the box and gets down to feeding himself in the corner of the box.

08.29 The adult female arrives with a bigger carcass, which is snatched by the female chick. Meanwhile here brother moves out of the way and continues feeding himself, but mum soon takes over, tearing off pieces for him. This in turn attracts his sister, who abandons her food to join in.

08.31 The male chick hops off the box and takes is favourite spot outside, while the female continues to be fed.

08.35 While the adult feeds her daughter, the two male chicks can be seen engaging in a bit of rough and tumble on the rooftop outside.

08.36-08.37 With one carcass picked clean, the adult retrieves the second prey item (from 08.29). She seems to take a few food scraps from it, before flying off, taking the remains with her.

08.50 The three chicks are all resting: the female at the front edge of the nestbox, the two males on the roof (with some fidgeting!).

09.25 The sun has broken through, with all the young still in position.

09.31 The brothers are alert, and the adult male arrives with a small food item. However, he delivers it directly to the box, where the female stands protectively over her food while devouring it. The adult leaves, while the male chicks remain on the roof.

09.32-09.41 The female chick continues to feed in the nest box, while the males jostle and preen in the background.

09.43-09.45 After some flapping to try out the wings and build up flights muscles, one of the males returns to the box. He finds a morsel of food and retreats to the back corner to eat.

09.54 The wind seems to be picking up and second male chick decides it’s time to return to the nestbox. All three are now on the front left of the platform.

10.25 The young Peregrines are well settled, lying down on the front left of the platform.

11.00 No change, with all three lying in a row after an uncharacteristically long period of sitting still.

11.00 Chicks lying down at front of nest box.

11.07 Female up and wandering about.

11.09 Female lying back down.

11.23 Female up and stretching.

11.24 Both males up and stretching. Adult plumage on both males now very prominent.

11.26 One Male chick up and preening.

11.30 All chicks back down.

11.34 One make up.

11.46 Female chick up annd preening.

11.47 Adult in with prey. Feeding chicks equally.

11.54 Both males chicks out on roof. Female chick still being fed.

11.58 Adult seems to be offering food to female chick and then pulling beak away.

12.00 One male chick back in box.

12.01 Adult took prey out to chick still on roof and is feeding it.

12.10 Adult flown away with prey.

12.14 Female and one Male chick in box. Other Male chick just visible below lip of nest box.

12.16 All chicks back in box

12.22 One Male chick out on roof having a good run around and flapping. Keen to fledge I think!

12.28 Female chick wandering about in box flapping. She has a serious wingspan now!

12.47 Male chick in nest box preening, Female chick lying down. Other Male chick out of site on roof.

12.55 Other chick back in

12.58 All chicks back in and lying down. Make chicks at front of box, female chick at back of box.

13.00 -15.00 Blogger reports 'All three asleep'

15.00 2 eyasses preening one asleep

15.11 all three asleep in huddle

16.14 eyasses awake and separated in box, walking around, male eyass

on edge wing flapping

16.17 one chick feeding on remains of carcass, one male chick out on

roof of church

16.23 eyass back in nest box

16.28 all eyasses preening

17.00 tiercel arrived with kill, dropped it to one male eyass who

began feeding in corner of box,, tiercel departed immediately, falcon

on roof

Thanks to Michael Hoit, Andrew Gorton, Ann Cleall and Julian Thomas

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