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Wednesday 20th May 2020

07.50 The watch starts with all three chicks flat out dozing.

08.23 The young – some of them, at least! - are a little more active, looking around.

08.26 The female arrives with the remains of a prey item, and spends the next fiftenn minutes feeding each of her offspring in turn.

08.42 After taking a few bony-looking food fragments for herself, she departs with the carcass, leaving the chicks with very full crops.

09.30 After a good rest and digesting breakfast, the chicks are fairly active now. They move around the platform and even stretch their stubby wings!

09.46 The adult male brings another feed to the nestbox. His young don’t look as desperate for food as they often do but it doesn’t stop them taking the offered morsels.

09.48 The female joins the family, and takes over the feed; the male makes a rapid exit. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen her unceremoniously relieve her mate of his duties!

09.57 The female leaves with the prey remains – not that much is left…

10.15 Again the chicks look to be stuffed full, and settle down for a long snooze.

10.40 A period of activity. The nestlings are shuffling around the nest, and one in particular is playing with debris and frequently wing-stretching.

10.45 The young Peregrines are resting again, and remain that way until the end of the shift.

11.00 Two chicks in left hand corner, other in right hand corner.

11.13 Chick in far corner (48?) occasionally standing up occasionally. Now resting head on chick beside him.

11.33 Two of the chicks up and alert, one preening.

11.41 All chicks active and moving about on legs. Settled down after a while.

12.19 Chick 47 (sounds like a spy code name!) moving about and preening.

12.29 Chicks 47 and 48 Up and stretching wings. Other chick seems subdued.

12.33 All chicks up and alert, with 47 and 48 walking about stretching wings.

12.48 Chicks now huddled in corner, and alert.

12.55 Adult in with small prey Item and feeding chicks. Wrong angle to see clearly what it is.

13.00 Adult flew off.

13.01 3 young in the corner pecking at something

13.13 Settled down to sleep

13.31  All awake and rings visible as they move about.

13.37 Kill brought in by both adults but Falcon left to feed while Tiercel departs

13.42 Falcon leaves

13.51 One chick pecking the down of one of the others !

14.00 All asleep

14.35 All together again in a corner

14.54 Asleep

14.58 Another kill brought in by Teircel accompanied by the Falcon who proceeds to feed them while Tiercel departs

15.00 Chicks alone

15.03 Female arrived with fragment of kill, probably collared dove, fed chicks.

shielding chicks from sun with wings, could only cover one chick

15.10 Chicks in shade at back of box, adult on edge of box

15.15 Adult departed

16.24 Female arrived with kill, feeding chicks, too mangled and

plucked to identify, but had pink legs suggesting collared dove

16.34 One chick seated

16.38 Chicks seated, adult feeding,

16.39 Female departed with kill

Thank you to Mike Hoit, Andrew Gorton, Anne Cleall and Julian Thomas for todays blog

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