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Wednesday 10th June 2020

9.20 All 3 young on the roof

9.30 The young wander round and flap their wings

For the remainder of my shift the 3 juveniles stretch, wing flap and call, apart from that its quiet

11.00 2 chicks visible just outside of nest box.

11.05  1 chick having a flap and a wander along roof.

11.06 Other chick hunkered down beneath nest box.

11.42 Chick on roof has a stretch.

11.57 Chick (Female?) comes to edge of box, calling briefly.

12.23 Chick on roof has good flap and disappears from view.

12.31 Adult landed in middle of roof. Chick emerged from under front of nest box and approached the adult, then moved to right corner of roof where he was obscured by the railing. This happened too quickly and too far away to make out if any prey was delivered.

12.37 Just able to glimpse the chick on one side of the realising post. Looks like prey was delivered and the chick was feeding on it, but I can’t be sure. No more activity for rest of shift.

15.00 one eyass (female?) on roof apex with remains of kill

15.16 another chick (male?) ran up roof, took kill off other eyass, and began feeding

15.55 2 Eyasses alert, calling, tiercel ? flew in with kill, dropped it and departed, female eyass mantling kill, took it into nest box and began to feed, fairly sure juvenile starling 3rd eyass visible on roof

16.13 still feeding

16.16 eyass approached feeding bird, calling, female eyass out onto roof and scuttled offf with kill

16.23 only one eyass in view

16.25 one eyass flew in, then quickly departed

16.52 adult arrived with kill, feeding eyass at far end of roof, so couldn't identify kill or gender of adult

16.54 other eyass appears and joins two birds to be fed by adult, probably 2 male eyasses being fed by tiercel as all three appear same size

Thanks to Brendon Ollett, Andrew Gorton and Julian Thomas for todays blog

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