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Tuesday 9th June 2020

9.00 All three chicks visible on the camera. The female chick is at the back of the box whilst her brothers are exploring the church roof.

9.21 All three chicks, who were asleep in the box suddenly bolt upright. They watch intently at a fixed position and after a very short while we can see that their gaze was fixed on the adult female, who brings in a freshly killed pigeon corpse. The female still pulls food off for the chicks but at the same time all three chicks gather around and eat from the kill.

9.35 The Tiercel can be seen outside the nest box briefly looking envious at the chicks who are still picking on the pigeon.

9.52 One of the male chicks hops out of view to the left hand side of the roof.

9.54 The other male chick follows his brother out of view and to the left of the roof.

10.10 The female chick wonders off to the right and out of view.

10.31 The falcon chick returns to the nest box and picks at some bones.

10.43 The female chicks flaps over to the left of the roof out of sight

11.00 Camera 3 has no view of any of chicks or adults.

11.20 An adult flies in and lands on Fleur De Lys below left-hand far pinnacle. It is too distant to tell which, but by size possibly Tiercel. It stays here on guard for about an hour.

12.07 A chick appears climbing up the roof at the far back. Half way up he gets between two Fleur De Lys on parapet. He then gets off again, moves down the roof and flaps/hops up onto parapet (about 500cm) just to left of Fleur De Lys with adult on it.

12.16 Chick hops flapping wings back down onto roof, about a metre from parapet. It climbs the roof coming towards the nest box. It stops on the roof ridge just in front of the box. Sits looking around. It maybe the female as there are some remnants of down on the wings.

12.24 The chick walks along the ridge under the front of the nest box out of view.

12.30 The adult is stood up on the far left Fleur De Lys preening.

12.35 The chicks head can be seen just in front of the nest box. It moves down the roof to the right of the box, out of view.

12.40 The adult flies off.

13.00 All 3 young on the roof

13.41 Chicks still wandering around on roof

14.22 The chicks are looking out over Cromer

14.55 Chick wing flapping

15.00 No birds in view at present

16.20 One chick appears from right hand side of roof, pauses briefly on the ridge and disappears down the left hand side.

16.25 Another chick appears on the right of the roof

16.26 Now on the ridge and moves to the far end

16.29 Adult arrives with food.  Chick from end of roof comes towards it and another from the left joins in too

16.31 One chick leaves again as the third appears from the right, but doesn't go for food. Adult still feeding one chck

16.33 2 chicks now taking food from the adult

16.36 Adult and 2 chicks still on ridge still feeding

16.41 One chick going back to the end of the ridge, the other still being fed

16.46 The one that went to the end of the ridge is now on a pinnacle on the right and wing flapping 

16.48 Wing flapping again on the pinnacle

16.49 Moved to pinnacle to the left and back

16.51 Another chick goes to the end of the ridge, on still being fed

16.52 The one on the pinnacle moves left again where it is obscured by the date on the screen

16.53 Adult leaves

16.58 One chick visits the box  

17.00 Chick on pinnacle not visible at all and may have gone over the side. 

17.00 one juvenile sitting at front left of box pecking.

17.05 second juvenile appears momentarily then disappears.

17.07. First one flaps then goes onto the tiles.

1708. walks right to the edge of the south facing edge of the tower

17.10. A couple of flaps and returns to box. Standing upright looking around.

17.11. Jumps off right side of box out of sight.

17.12 No birds in view

17. 20 Adult  plus one juvenile  on the spine of the roof feeding. Adult feeding juvenile.

17.23 Young wanders off to the southern edge of tower. Parent remains feeding on carcass.

17.26 Juvenile out of sight.

17.28 Adult still feeding.  No birds visible until :-

17.59. One adult returned briefly then flew away.

18.00 All quiet on the Western Front!

Thanks to Mike Harmer, Nick Kimber, Brendon Ollett, Stephanie Witham and Sue Wells for todays blog

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