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Tuesday 6th April 2021

Thank you to Julia, Rachel. Graham and Debbie for todays blog

9.00 BBC weather showing 2c with 45mph winds. The outside cam is showing the NE turret in dark shade, the sea and sky in shades of grey. The nest box is empty.

9.16 A short burst of clucking is heard.

9.29. The Church bell tolls

9.41 Camera pans round and focuses on the SW turret where the light is a bit better.

9.59 The Church bell tolls

10.19 The camera pans onto the NW turret.

10.29 The Church bell tolls

10.59 Bell tolls again. There is still no sight or sound of the peregrines.

11.00 no sign of either the male (tiercel) or female (falcon) on either camera at this time. It’s another very windy day, overcast with patchy sun occasionally lighting up the nest box and turret. The hole in the scrape is very pronounced now and there appears to be no sign at all of yesterday’s egg incident.

11.15 no change

11.22 turret cam pans about facing inland into the sun, difficult to view but no sign of the peregrines

11.30 bell tolls half past the hour

11.45 turret cam pans again to take in another view, still no sign of either peregrine

11.55 weather appears to be closing in, occasional very light snow flurries now and turret cam distance view virtually totally obscured

12.00 church clock strikes noon, definite light snow now across the next box

12.02 turret cam pans about a little now facing slightly out to sea but visibility terrible with the snow

12.14 turret cam pans about again, weather really closed in and very light dust of snow on rooftops, no peregrines at all

12.20 the weather has cleared slightly and it’s stopped snowing again

12.30 the weather has cleared a little, the snow has stopped and the wind appears to have dropped dramatically too

12.31 snowing lightly across the nest box again

12.45 cloudy and overcast sky with sun on the nest box and the wind increasing again, crazy weather

12.46 turret cam panning around – there is a brave peregrine… the female (falcon) sitting on a crocket in the wind in the sun.

13.00 the bell tolls one, my shift here is done 😊

13.00 Now taken over from Rachel with Poppy on one of the crockets giving us a view of a very rough Cromer sea

13.02 Calling from from somewhere near the nest box, presume it must be Henry

13.07 Poppy leaves the crocket, wonder if she heard Henry calling

13.12 Thanks to whom in control of the camera for finding Henry on one of the crockets

13.20 Henry had a quick look up into the skies, couple minutes later having another look

13.29 Poppy arrives in the nest box, goes to the back and starts to scrape

13.32 She now settles down in the scrape, then starts taking in stones

13.36 She a bit unsettled as she stands up and repositions herself

13.43 Someone calling out, couldn't see Poppy's or Henry's beak moving

13.45 Poppy still unsettled moves and eventually makes herself once again

13.52 poor old Henry, getting blown about on the crocket he's sitting on

13.58 More calling, Poppy not very happy. Few minutes later Henry leaves the crocket at the same time Poppy starts having a look whilst sitting in her scrape. She gets up, looks like something happening as she's very unsettled, it's starts to hail to the annoyance of Poppy as she turns facing the back of the box

14.23 A little blue sky appears in the distant horizon ready for Rachel's walk

14.28 Poppy very unsettled this afternoon as she runs to the front of the box looking around as she goes, she's not there long as she returns to the scrape. She sits there looking around

14.39 Don't know if she's concerned about Henry as he hasn't been seen for about 20 minutes

14.41 preen time for the gorgeous Poppy

14.45 after her pampering, poppy returns to scrape once again, taking in more stones for her digestion

15.00 that all folks, now handing over to Debbie

15.00 Poppy in her nest box, alert / no sign of Henry on other camera

15.10 Poppy is resting and in a light sleep

15.31 Poppy settled in her scrape...... a constant buzz / interference on camera

15.40 Poppy sleepy

15.46 Poppy circles her scrape, scrapes a bit, pecks at a few bits of gravel and settles again

15.47 Poppy unsettled but remains at scrape

15.57 Still at scrape but restless

16.11 Strong wind ruffling her feathers in scrape (screen shot)

16.19 Poppy more settled in scrape facing outwards

16.22 Tower camera scans to seek Henry but he is not there

16.33 Black sky and sleet storm

16.45 Storm over, sun out, Poppy preens and scratched the left side of her head (screen shot)

16.47 Poppy settles into scrape facing inward

17.00 Watch ended ...all egg

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