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Tuesday 28th April 2020

9.00 Damp and drizzly day in Cromer and the tiercel (male) is hunkered down incubating the 3 eggs looking directly out of the nest box.

9.13 The tiercel picks at some gravel and shuffles 180 degrees to face the back of the box.

9.34 His attention is alerted and he becomes focused on something outside the box but after a minute or two he returns to a very relaxed, semi-awake incubation of the eggs.

10.06 The Falcon (female) arrives at the nest box, wakes the tiercel and a very speedy transition takes place. She takes over incubation facing the back of the box.

She appears a bit less relaxed whilst on the nest box and at several times throughout the next hour, she moves about and is alert as to things outside of the box.

11.00 Female incubating facing back of box.

11.04 Re-arranged herself over eggs, facing right. Continued to doze with lower eyelid closing and head dropping, but alert again at any sound or movement.

11.29 Started pulling gravel in under front, turned to face left and continued fiddling with gravel.

12.06 Male arrived, female left. Male quickly settled down facing left, and started to doze.

13.00 Start of my 1st cromer activity log, with the male incubating. 

13.19 The male starts repositioning himself clockwise, making sure the eggs were covered. 

13.34 Male quickly awakens, on full alert making me believe something was going to happen. Nothing occurred. 

13.51 Once the male changes position, finishes with his back facing the camera. 

14.25 Yes you've guessed it, another change of position. 

14.38 A quick view of the eggs, just before i finish my shift. 

15.00 Male dozes on the eggs

15.25 Male awakes from his doze and picks at the gravel

15.53 The male is still on the eggs and looks around the box and surrounding areas, has a little shuffle and settles down again

16.05 Something catches the males attention as he looks out onto a dull and drab Cromer

16.50 Male closes his eyes and gets some more sleep

17.04 The males is rudely awakened from his slumber as the female returns, he departs after enduring a 5 hour shift on the eggs. The female settles on the eggs and looks out as the male flies into the vast open skies of Cromer

Thanks to Mike Harmer, Nick Kimber, Graham Long and Chris Skipper for todays blog

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