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Tuesday 27th April 2021

Thank you to todays bloggers of Julia, Rachel. Graham and Debbie

Good morning everyone. It’s a dull start in Cromer but the peregrines are up early.

5.30 The Falcon enters the box.

6.09 - 6.59 She is very vocal calling loudly many times during these times.

7.04 There is a distant call from the Tiercel. She responds with lots of calling.

7.12 She calls again

7.35 She goes down onto the roof from the left side disappearing out of view. There is no sight or sound of them until

8.55 The outside cam is showing a view of the NE turret, a dull sky and sea. The nest box is empty but calling can be heard nearby.

9.08 The Falcon returns to the box and wanders around adjusting pebbles. She stands in the scrape closes an eye while keeping watch with the other.

9.12 Time for some preening and a bit more pebble pushing which continues until

9.26 when she tucks her head over her shoulder onto her back and sleeps.

9.48 Some building noise disturbs her for a few seconds but she soon returns to sleep.

9.52 She wakes and preens her crop. A dog bark echoes around the church but she ignores it and continues to preen her back.

9.55 She stands and stretches, adjusts the scrape then lays down facing the back of the box. Alerted by something she turns her head and looks all around her.

9.58 The Tiercel enters the box and goes to the scrape. He vocalises as the church bell tolls.

10.01 The Falcon moves to the front left corner, only her tail feathers are visible. He makes soft chirping sounds as he stands at the edge of the hole. Still chirping he moves into the hole looking at it, turning, gently placing his feet.

10.04 Tiercel leaves the box. The Falcon remains at the edge of the box just in view and preens.

10.59 The church bell tolls. There is no change in her position as I hand over to Rachel.

11.00 as I relieve Julia of the watch the nest box camera reveals a peregrine’s tail wiggling in the front left corner, this is Poppy (the female, falcon). No sign of Henry (the male, tiercel) at present. The external camera is facing the general direction of Overstrand, it’s a dull but dreary day with waves gently crashing on the beach and a view of part of a turret.

11.10 Poppy turns quite abruptly and walks into the scrape where she stands looking around for a minute or two before having a little shuffle and settling herself down sitting in the scrape.

11.16 Poppy is closing her eyes on and off seemingly calm and settled in the scrape.

11.30 the bell tolls half past the hour and since she settled to rest Poppy has dozed on and off

11.37 Poppy decides a little gravel moving around within her reach is necessary

11.38 are you looking at me?

11.39 a little gentle calling, seconds later she stands up and walks to the back corner of the box pecking grave as she goes

11.41 Poppy facing out from her standing position in the scrape calling

11.42 a little calling can be heard off camera

11.43 Poppy is standing slightly to one side in the nest box right beside the scrape

11.46 no change on the external camera and Poppy closes her eyes on and off in her standing position

11.48 some very brief distant calling off camera

11.52 Poppy still standing but seems wide awake and calm but alert

12.00 the church bell strikes noon, the external camera shows no change and Poppy continues her vigil

12.06 Poppy begins some calling and chirruping, seemingly answered by Henry who has yet to appear on camera this watch

12.07 Henry can be heard calling, Poppy walks to the box edge poised and ready….she hops off to the front left corner of the box and all we can now see are her tail feathers

12.08 Poppy flies off accompanied by a little calling

12.09 calling off camera by both birds on and off with varying degrees of volume / proximity

12.30 the clock strikes half past the hour and the calling has continued all this time

12.31 the external camera is panned and picks up Henry perched on a fleur de lis eating lunch…this is shortlived as he flies off taking his prey with him, calling can still be heard on and off

12.36 still the calling continues, the nest box remains empty and the external camera focuses on a land facing turret and a brief view of one of the birds on a fleur de lis, calling back and forth is almost constant now

12.41 it’s all gone quiet again no sight of either bird

12.48 Henry flies quietly into the box, scrabbles in the scrape and rearranges some gravel before settling himself down initially with his back to us but soon turns to one side

12.51 brief chirrups heard, seconds later he’s standing again in the scrape then walks to stand on the edge of the box before having a shake

12.52 external camera panning now facing directly landward

12.53 Poppy is perched with on bloodied taloned on a fleur de lis, she proceeds to clean her feet presumably after a spot of lunch

13.00 I hand over to Graham leaving Henry perched on one foot alert on the front of the next box and Poppy perched on the fleur de lis.

13.00 Now taking over from Rachel with my 1st shift of the week. Henry on duty on the front of the nest box and Poppy perched on one of the fleur de lis with her back facing the camera

13.06 Henry departs from the nest box and flies to another fleur de lis with the sea in the background

13.20 Poppy just left her place on the fleur de lis, leaving Henry the only one in view on Camera two. Thanks to Chris or Kim, The camera pans round to find Poppy sitting comfortably in her scrape

13.30 Poppy still sitting in her scrape, busy preening with her back towards the camera

13.34 with a change in direction Poppy now facing the front of the nest box, starts looking around at the view of the church roof

13.44 Poor old Henry must be shattered as he's fast asleep still on the fleur de lis with his head tucked under his wing

14.03 Poppy at last makes herself comfy in her scrape facing the left wall of the box. Hopefully to lay her next egg

14.04 Henry still perched on the fleur de lis, fast asleep with his feathers being ruffled in the afternoon breeze

14.40 both Poppy and Henry fast asleep up to now, when Poppy awakes and start to take in stones, then gradually moves from the scrape taking in more. Once more she moves slowly around and makes herself comfy again back in her scrape. She not settled for long as she sits up looking around, whilst Henry is unmoved on the fleur de lis

15.00 much the same, as Debbie takes up the reins.

15.00 Henry on a fleur-de-lis /Poppy in nesting box....both birds awake and resting

15.04 Henry flies off and locates him on a different ledge

15.27 Henry flies off and calls / Poppy comes to front of nest box and is on look out

15.31 Loud scream...didn't look as if it was uttered by Poppy and not a familiar peregrine noise, however Poppy unperturbed

15.35 Other bird sounds, gulls mostly

15.38 Poppy scratches and pecks to clean her talons, then preens

15.39 Henry calling from afar / Poppy scratches her head and goes to edge of platform / Henry continues to call

16.36 Pigeon on fleur-de-lis .......supper?

16.40 Poppy preens

16.54 Poppy suddenly went to other side of platform and calls persistently

16.56 Poppy flies off

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