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Tuesday 20th April 2021

Many thanks for todays bloggers, Ann, Debbie and double bubble from Graham

9.00 Falcon on the next pecking at stones

9.06 Settles down and is dozing

9.08 Calls out, but then settles down again.

9.14 Having a scratch !

9.26 Finally settles down into the hollow

9.40 Has her head under her wing - asleep ?

9.42 Oh! No, alert again, but then returns to previous position. Tiercel heard calling.

9.43 Tiercel returns to box - no prey - is she complaining? He then flies off

9.51 She finally returns to the hollow but is standing in it.

10.03 In hollow, now facing forward

10.25 Back in hollow and settled down.

10.53 Tiercel returns, no food, lots of shouting. He goes to the back of the back in a submissive position while she stands a the front shouting at him.

10.58 He flies off and by 11.01 she is back in the hollow.

11.00 Good morning from beautiful sunny Cromer where I'm now taking over from Ann, with Poppy making herself comfy in her scrape after the departure of Henry

11 12 Poppy up from her Scrape, moves to the front of the nest box, she's not settled at all, starts a alarming call as Henry joins in, in the background

11.16 Poppy still calling out and Henry still being heard in the background

11.28 Poppy not happy moves to the very left hand corner of the nest box, where you can only just see her tail feathers

11.22 All quiet at the moment, Poppy still in the front left hand side of the box, she now moves completely out of site

11.25 more calling, think from Poppy from just outside on the church roof

11.33 calling continues out of sight of the camera

11.39 more calling from Poppy i presume. She's definitely not a happy woman

11.55 all quiet at the present, but has been continuous calling up to now

12.11 still very quiet, No sound from Poppy or Henry and no sign of them on the cameras

12.17 thank to Chris or Kim for finding Henry on one of the fleur de lis, where he's busy preening

12.25 Henry departs and soon arrives at his nest box, moves to the back and starts taking in stones whilst attending to his scrape

12.42 Henry finishes his house work and moves to the front of the nest box

12.58 Henry keeps falling asleep in the beautiful Cromer sunshine

13.00 Henry still on the edge of the nest box

13.12 once again thanks to Chris and Kim for finding Poppy this time, who's fast asleep on a fleur de lis

13.20 Henry decides it's more house keeping is needed and moves to his scrape

13.30 Henry eventually finishes his house work and moves to the front of the nest box and starts more preening, when Poppy decides to leave the fleur de lis and join Henry in the nest box, not for long as he soon leaves, leaving her home alone

13.41 Poppy moves from the front of the nest box to her scrape, where she makes herself comfy, not for long as she stands looking up at the nest box ceiling

13.48 Poppy now more relaxed sitting in her scrape with her wings slightly spread out

13.54 Poppy being a right fidget bum as she keeps moving from one direction to another

14.03 gave up trying to write down all her movements as she's moving about so much, finally sits facing the back with her back in the afternoon sun

14.38 camera revolves to find Henry on one of the turret crockets fast asleep

14.42 Poppy has another change of direction. Don't know if she's trying to get comfy for her next egg lay

14.48 lovely view of Henry fast asleep facing camera 2

15.00 that's all folks

15.00 Poppy in nest box sunbathing / Henry on crocket awake

15.03 Henry calls

15.05 Both alert to aircraft sounds

15.07 Poppy scrapes, stretched and rests with wings outstretched

15.09 Henry calls

15.10 Henry flies off

15.14 Poppy stands, scrapes and settles facing inward

15.17 Poppy stands, scrapes and settles facing outward

15.19 Henry calls off camera and again and again

15.21 Poppy squeaks and Henry lands in nest box, he goes to the back of it while Poppy goes to the front edge.

15.23 Poppy flies off leaving Henry at the back of the box. He bobs a bit, scrapes and bobs again, pecks at gravel and settles facing outward. Pecks at his right foot and comes to the front of the box.

15.26 Henry flies off (no peregrines to watch)

15.31 Camera scans and spots Henry on pinnacle in full sun and looking half asleep

15.58 Large grey bird flies in distance which could be Poppy

15.02 Henry flies off (no peregrines to watch)

16.16 Camera scans and finds Poppy on crocket, standing on one leg

16.24 She turns her head but has one eye closed. (Screen shot)

16.35 Sounds as if both peregrines are calling

16.30 Henry calling off screen but Poppy does not respond

16.42 Poppy preens, still standing on one leg

16.48 Poppy turns to face the pinnacle

16.52 Poppy preens

16.55 Poppy excretes

16.56 Poppy turns, stands on both legs and looks outward. Henry calls off camera

17.00 Watch ends but both peregrines on screens at 5.17pm

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