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Tuesday 13th April 2021

A big thank you to Julia, Rachel and Graham for todays great blog

8.47 A nice morning in Cromer. The nest is empty of eggs but the Falcon is standing by the scrape facing left and preening.

8.48 She turns to the right, front, then settles to the left

9.01 She is lying down in the scrape facing left

9.03 She lays on her left side tucking her head over her right shoulder.

9.04 Something must have disturbed her as she suddenly looks forward and glances around. She lays on her front, relaxes and dozes

9.06 She is pecking at gravel in front of her, stands and preens her left side.

9.12 She faces forward, stretches her wings and legs and walks to the front corner. She stands looking out, only her back half can be seen.

9.22 A call can be heard.

9.23 There is another call and the Falcon wanders back into full view. She stands on the right of the front ledge looking out.

9.24 The Tiercel calls again, and again, then a series of calls. The Falcon looks alert.

9.25 Tiercel still calling, the Falcon flies onto the roof. Food maybe.

9.37 A call can be heard,

9.48 - 10.03 A series of single calls can be heard.

10.10 There is a call and the Tiercel enters the box clucking. He stands in the scrape turning and scratching the gravel.

10.12 Falcon is calling. Tiercel comes to the front of the box looking around.

10.16 He is preening, scratching his head, cleaning talons and feathers. This meticulous preening goes on until 10.35, big stretch.

10.36 He calls then it’s time for a nap.

10.40 He wakes, checks his surroundings, all clear, closes his right eye.

10.55 Drops his head over his right shoulder and dozes.

11.00 as I take over from Julia the male (tiercel) is perched on one foot in the sun on the front edge of the nest box, he seems calm while perusing his domain. The turret cam is focussed on a sunny turret with a calm sea and a hazy horizon in the background. No sign of the female (falcon) at present.

11.03 Poppy flies into view and perches on a shady crocket on the turret, seconds later …….

11.04 Henry wanders into the box and starts some gentle chirping (seemingly saying hello to his lady) and begins fine tuning the scrape and generally pecking the gravel.

11.07 housekeeping done Henry wanders back to the edge of the box and calls out he proceeds to sit calmly again perusing his domain

11.11 Poppy appears to have her head tucked in having a snooze while Henry begins a little preening

11.15 Henry calls a couple of times and Poppy has stirred on her crocket and is having a preen.

11.16 calling can be heard …. I think from Poppy answered by Henry

11.19 Henry is calling again sounds as though Poppy replied before he walked back in the box and Poppy flew off her crocket seemingly in his direction as he continues low tone calls but she’s not appeared in the box yet. He continues to stand in the scrape looking around.

11.22 Henry walks back to box edge I can hear what I presume is Poppy calling off camera

11.25 Poppy off cameras call again and Henry flies off the box. Neither are currently in view.

11.30 the church bells strikes half past and neither peregrine can be seen or heard at present

11.45 all quite no sight or sound of either bird, it seems to be getting a little cloudy now

12.00 the church bell strikes noon and it’s still all quiet

12.15 it’s still all quite no sight or sound of either bird

12.18 sounds of calling off camera

12.23 calling / chirruping and Poppy arrives on the nest box scrabbling in scrape and standing mantling for a short time

12.25 Henry arrives on the turret, working his way up to a sheltered sunny spot and begins preening

12.26 calling off screen continues for a while

12.29 Poppy settles herself in the scrape in the sun

12.34 Poppy is closing her eyes seemingly enjoying the warmth of the sun

12.41 Poppy still in scrape, quite alert now

12.45 Poppy continues to sit contentedly on the scrape seems calm, closing her eyes on and off. Henry is still sitting on his high crocket in the sun.

12.47 Poppy suddenly stirs and stalls up tall in the scrape and appears to yawn, has a little preen and clean of her talons

12.49 Poppy is entertained for minute or so watching a fly in the box

12.52 Poppy carrying our some minor adjustments to the gravel and settles herself again, calling from off camera, likely to be Henry.

12.56 I can clearly her Henry calling periodically from his crocket on the nest box camera

12.58 Poppy is dozing off in the sun again

13.00 the clock strikes one and time to hand over to Graham ….Henry is still on his crocket and Poppy is settled dozing in the scrape.

13.00 now taking over from newbie Rachel with Poppy comfy in her scrape and Henry fast asleep on one of the turret crockets

13.04 Poppy awakens, start taking in stones whilst Henry calls out from the turret

13.06 Henry still calling out, then leaves, you can still hear him on the nest box camera microphone

13.09 Poppy not worried about Henry constant calling, unfazed still in her scrape

13.14 Henry getting louder in his calling, wonder if he's telling her to get on with it. He suddenly appears back to the turret one crocket down than before, but not for long as he quickly dissappears in a blink of an eye

13.18 someone panning around the church with the second camera making me feel i was on a roundabout

13.22 Henry back again by the sound of it, but not in view

13.42 all gone quiet once again with Poppy fast asleep in her nest box

13.50 Poppy awakens repositions herself facing the front of box, making Henry very vocal once again

13.54 Henry quickly arrives back to the box, disturbing Poppy then she leaves in disgust, leaving Henry to attend to the scrape

13.58 Thanks to the camera person for finding Poppy on one of the turrets

14.06 Henry moves to the front of the box, starts to preen and then falls asleep

14.19 Poppy leaves the turret, Henry moves to the back of the box and starts to consumes a few stones

14.31 Poppy arrives, just sits on the edge of the box facing the back with Henry bowing down in her presence, a quick Courtship ritual and he leaves. She makes her way to scrape that Henry had made ready

14.44 Poppy moves looking at the camera, unbelievable how good she looks in the beautiful afternoon sun

15.00 end of shift, handing over to Julia

15.06 She is still lying in the sun facing right with her wings spread. She opens her eyes and shakes her head.

15.20 She wakes, has a little shuffle and a quick peck at the gravel.

15.23 Another quick shuffle and settles down again.

15.28 The outside cam pans, can’t find the Tiercel, focuses on NE turret which is shining in the sun.

15.30 As the bell tolls she rouses, glances around and closes her right eye. She continues to do this until 16.00

16.01 The camera pans and finds the Tiercel on the NW turret sitting on the lightening conductor.

16.02 The Falcon stands up and walks to the front of the box looking out.

16.04 The Tiercel calls a couple of times. The Falcon flies onto the roof.

16.05 The calling continues. The cam pans looking for the Falcon, more calling, no sign of the her.

16.10 The Tiercel returns to the NW crocket calling loudly.

16.14 More calling. Tiercel leaves the turret flying downwards.

16.15 The camera is focusing on the NE turret. No sight or sound from either of them.

16.20 The Tiercel arrives on the NE turret.

16.32 He flies off to the right and returns seconds later landing on the fleur de lis next to the turret. Gone again, flying down towards the roof.

16.37 Falcon arrives in the right front corner and preens.

17.00 The bell tolls . The Falcon is still at the front preening herself.

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