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Tuesday 11/04/2023

10:05 Tiercel below NE pinnacle in the sun.

10.15 Tiercel preening.

10:31 Tiercel flew off.

10:41 Tiercel returns with a small prey with dark feathers (maybe a blackbird or starling) he lands on SE pinnacle.

10.45 He left the prey and flew off.

11:05 Tiercel lands on NW pinnacle.

1115 Tiercel chased of a hearing gull that flew too close to the tower.

1134 Falcon on SW pinnacle. (change over 11.32 ish).

1155 coach trip of people arrive at the watchpoint from the oxford area they have stopped off to look at the Peregrines.

12:41 Falcon flew around the tower

12:57 The Tiercel is sitting at the moment, basking in the sunshine with his eyes closed. It seems as if he may have been in place for several hours.

13:18 The Tiercel is alert, as the Falcon’s shadow passes across the roof, seen on the inset screen (and better if seen as footage). He gives a couple of chirps.

Look for the falcon shaped shadow on the church roof.

13:19 The Falcon lands on the roof ridge, then arrives on the platform, and there is much chirruping, although the Tiercel seems content to stay put. However, the Falcon stays, and manoeuvres round beside him, continuing to call, until he rises off the eggs and leaves, flying off across the roof and away. The Falcon settles onto the eggs, facing into the North West corner of the platform.

13:20 Falcon circles the tower before changing over with the male.

13:32 The Falcon stands and shuffles herself and the eggs around, until she is facing out of the platform, looking roughly South West. She soon begins picking at stones, stretching out to the point where her tail feathers lift off the gravel as she does it.

13:35 The Falcon re-arranges the eggs again, then settles herself, facing East now. That state of affairs only lasts a few moments before she rotates some more to face into the North East corner of the platform.

14:00 The Falcon is picking stones again, just as the church clock strikes the hour. She stands, rotates and sits down again, facing directly toward the camera (roughly SSE). She is looking out beyond the platform, at something going on outside, but then relaxes back for the moment.

14:05 The Falcon is staring out at something beyond the platform again, but her interest soon passes.

14:20 Further active picking, then the Falcon stands, and moves off the eggs to go about serious stone picking into the North West corner. After a few moments, she returns to the eggs and settles facing East again.

14:22 The Falcon suddenly calls out several times, and the Tiercel can be heard outside too.

14:25 The Tiercel gives some further calls, although the Falcon does not react.

14:31 The Falcon is alert again, having been relaxed for several minutes.

14:34 There are some further calls from the Tiercel, but little reaction from the Falcon.

14:36 More calls from the Tiercel, and he seems to have moved closer to the platform, although not visible on the inset screen.

14:41 The Tiercel calls again, and although the Falcon does not respond, she does stand up, shuffle round over the eggs, and settle facing North into the back of the platform.

14:44 The Falcon is alert, looking back over her shoulder, and the Tiercel calls again.

14:47 Some further calls from the Tiercel, but no immediate reaction from the Falcon. She just continues to sit facing the rear of the platform.

14:49 A sudden burst of calls from the Tiercel, who has landed on the roof ridge. He hops up to the platform, and the Falcon leaves immediately, appearing to tread on an egg as she goes! He settles on the eggs facing the back of the platform, as the Falcon had been moments before. He fidgets a little to face more to the North West corner.

14:56 The Tiercel is having his own stone picking session. His body is moving as he reaches for stones.

15:00 This session ends with the Tiercel on the eggs, facing more or less directly away from the camera. He looks up as the clock strikes three.

15:12 Falcon perched on NW drainpipe. She then flies off.

Thank you to today's volunteers watching the webcam- Peter D, on the watchpoint- Roger, Andrew, Shena, Val and Tim.

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