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Thursday 8th April 2021

Thank you to Mike, Julia, Barbera, Julian and Sue for todays blog

We start the morning at 8am with an empty nestbox. No peregrines and still no eggs. However, there is a HUGE scrape now and after the soft-egg incident on Monday we are all hoping that she will lay another egg, this time fully formed and it should be anytime now...

08:53 There are some rapid calls as at least one of the birds is close by, probably on the roof of the church or sitting on one of the fleur-de-lis. And as I see on the other amazing camera, the Tiercel is devouring a fresh kill and he continues to pluck and eat it for the next 20 minutes before leaving it on the ledge at 09:15.

09:19 One of the peregrines is sitting on the southeast turret. it is hard to tell which one from the angle but it looks like the Tiercel and at 9:25 the peregrine jumps to the southwest turret.

09: 22 the peregrine on the turret now flies off to the east and for the next hour neither bird is in view. However, as the camera pans around at 10:40 we see one of the birds tucked behind the southeast turret (it has probably been there all the time!)

10:56 The resident peregrine on the turret starts being very vocal.

11:02 As the peregrine flies off the turret and onto the nestbox we can now see that it was the Tiercel.

11.03 male arrived and set about excavating scrape

11.07 male sat on edge pf nestbox

11.30 female flew in, much clucking, facing each other and bobbing,

male flew off

11.35 some excavation of scrape by female, then sitting on scrape as

if incubating, intermittently dozing or sleeping until 13.00

12.40 male calling out of view

13.00. Falcon is lying in the scrape facing right and dozing. The outside cam settles on a shaded SE turret where the Tiercel is sitting.

13.08. The Tiercel is calling.

13.15. The Falcon shuffles to face forward, pecks at some gravel. She stands to face left, preens talons and feathers. The Tiercel calls, the Falcon walks forward to the front of the box looking out.

13.16. The Tiercel, still sitting on the SE turret calls and preens his left foot.

13.17. The Tiercel calls again. The Falcon is alert, relaxes and preens her chest feathers while the wind blows through them.

13.20. The Falcon is bobbing her head, the Tiercel calls and she walks to the front right corner and leaves the box.

13.22. The outside cam leaves the Tiercel and focuses on the Falcon sitting on the walkway preening herself.

13.29. The Church bell strikes the half hour. A faint call can be heard.

13.47. She turns and walks out of view.

13.59. As the Church clock strikes the hour there is a call from one of the peregrines.

14.02. The Falcon can just be seen on the walkway as her feathers blow into view. The other camera pans to find the Tiercel sitting on the turret as earlier. While focusing he flies off and enters the box.

14.03. The camera is focused on both peregrines, some clucking between the pair.

14.06. They sit facing each other where they exchange soft chirps, the Tiercel leaves the box.

14.08. The camera focuses on the Tiercel sitting on the crocket of the SE turret, preening then dozing.

14.29. The Church bell tolls. The Tiercel is still dozing. The Falcon is still standing on the walkway to the right of the box.

14.45. The Tiercel calls then flies off to the left.

14.47. The Falcon turns and walks behind the box out of view as the Tiercel calls.

14.49. The nest cam zooms in on the empty box, calling can be heard.

14.50. Falcon is found on the NW turret where she is eating, possibly cached prey. She wipes her beak on the crocket and cleans her right talons then flies away.

14.56. The Falcon is sitting on the outside edge of the NW turret looking out to sea.

15.00 Empty nest box

15.40 Nothing happening at all, I think she or he has emigrated

16.00 Still no activity – signing off.

16.00 Empty box

16.05 a few peregrine squawks from outside

16.10 heard more squawks outside.

16.16 sounded like two squawking outside - noisy.

16.19 short bursts of squawking - quite near box.

16.27 Poppy chirps and looks around - goes briefly into dip. Hunkers down briefly. Looks round then stands on the edge of the box alert and looking out of box.

16.30 very vocal and then goes back into dip

16.31 Henry calling. P looking around - in dip still

16.33 Back on edge of box. Henry making a racket. P looking alert.

16.35 closes right eye for a couple of seconds

16.37 Turns head deliberately to her left.

16.45 Very alert as she hears Henry.

16.46 wide open mouth, leaning forward, looking, stretching head.

16.55- 17.00 Still on edge of box. STILL NO EGG🥲🥲

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