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Thursday 11th June 2020

8.55 The view is of the roof, on a grey day.

8.56 A chick appears on the east side of the roof

8.58 The chick clambers up the east side of the roof 

The tiercel flies in with a kill which is snatched by the chick which  then disappears into the box

8.59 The adult flies off

9.19 A great view of Cromer Pier and the sea.- a gull flies across, but no sign of any Peregrines.

9.57  A chick appears on the east side of the roof, but soon wanders out of sight

10.17 A wing comes briefly into view at the box end of the image

10.19 One of the chicks - probably one of the males - appears from the box and trots north along the apex, before having a bit of a wing flap

10.20 It bobs its head up and down before having a really good flap of its wings, and then a quick flight into the air and down again, slightly further down the east side. Wow!

10.21 A bit more head bobbing and it looks around

10.22 It begins to make its way up the roof

10.23 It's made its way back onto the apex, and then half flies/half jumps back to the box and out of view

10.24-11.00 No further action

11:00 No birds in view (Cam 2)

12:57 One of chicks appears from under camera flapping and hopping along the ridge until it reaches the Fleur De Lys at the end. The chick peers over, before turning and flapping onto roof and then the ridge again. Half way along the ridge the chick continues flapping wings and defecates. It then stands still.

13.00 1 Juvenile is visible ont he church roof - it walks to wards the sea edge and wing flaps.  It’s a super view over Cromer pier from this camera angle.

13.04 This particular individual walks out of vision bottom of frame.  A few rain drops fall on the camera lens.

13.12 I see a wing come into vision so I know one of them is there.  But it soon disappears.

13.14 1 juvenile walks into vision and stand on the edge at the bottom frame looking around.  Oh I think there are 2 juveniles as a 2nd peregrine head keeps appearing.  

13.18 2 juveniles are clearly in vision sitting bottom of frame, just sitting and looking.  

13.13 The 2 juveniles are still sitting bottom of frame with just their head and shoulders visible.

13.35 There is some wing stretching and a few drops of rain fall on the lens.

13.36 One of the juveniles exercises it’s wings - stretching and flapping.

13.38 One of the juveniles is in full view running away from camera along the apex of the church roof as it flaps it’s wings.  It then returns back to camera and out of vision.

13.39 There are no juveniles in vision at this time.

13.57 The adult falcon (female) arrives with a small prey - black - can’t make out who it is.  one of the juveniles rushes over to her and snatches it from her and runs out left of frame.  The female flies off.

14.00 No peregrines in vision just now.

14.01 One of the juveniles walks in LOF with the prey followed by a 2nd juvenile. All 3 are in vision and I think the female has the prey while the 2 males watch.  One tries to grab the prey and there is the inevitable tug of war.

14.06 the camera repos and all 3 are in vision again. I think Cam R is no 49 eating the prey with Cam L the 2 males both preening.

14.09 two juveniles walk out ROF leaving one juvenile male in vision.  He picks at a feather on the church roof before preening.  He then stands on one leg.

14.13 The camera repositions with a juvenile male and the juvenile female in vision.  I think the juvenile male nearest the camera is eating the prey.  I think it is the female furthest from camera, all puffed up and preening.

14.22.16 Same scene as above continues.

14.29 The juvenile furthest from camera comes forward and takes the remains of the prey and scuttles out left of frame.  

14.31 this leaves the male juvenile on his own.  He scratches his face and shakes his head as he sits facing camera Left.

14.34 I think the female juvenile appears cam L - wing flapping and joins the juvenile male on the apex of the church roof.  They sit side by side facing L.  She appears to be calling out for a long period of time before picking at her brothers’ tail feathers and stumbling over him.  He follows her as she leaves left of frame.

14.39 The camera repos and follows a juvenile as it walks round the perimeter of the church roof.  The camera follows to the far end gutter on the roof where the juvenile is picking at prey remains I think. The camera stays with this juvenile as it wing stretches and jumps onto the roof and defecates.  

14.45 It then move to the edge of the tower and looks over the edge - head bobs and ruffles it’s feathers.

14.49 The juvenile is still looking over the edge of the tower.

14.53 She appears to call and rushes out BOF.

14.55 The adult female is sitting on a scaffold pole facing away from Cam.

14.58 She flies of cam L on an upwards trajectory.

15.00 The adult female is resting on a corner flint tower with the sea in the background

Thanks to Valerie Stubbs, Nick Kimber and Roger Bunting for todays blog

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