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The watchpoint sees lots of action today! CPP blog Tuesday 4th April 2023

Cromer Peregrines blog – Tuesday 4th April 2023

There was a frost overnight and today although sunny has been crisp with a breeze blowing.

Please note WP after an entry indicates this was an observation from the Watch Point.

0632 hrs the Falcon returns to nest box & takes over from Tiercel

0943 hrs the male is on the nest box, no sign of the female (WP)

0956 hrs the watchpoint is up and running for the day and report a gorgeous morning – just look at that big blue Norfolk sky!

1027 hrs the female files in and lands on the East ledge, feathers are flying … she’s clearly plucking and feeding on some cached prey (WP)

1038 hrs the female takes off does some laps of the church, intimidates the pigeons and disappears from view (WP)

Approx 1145 hrs the female is confirmed as perched on the West side of the church tower, she had a quick fly about and landed again out of sight (WP)

Approx 1146 hrs the female is off again, flew up the louvred windows and took a white pigeon much to the interest of amazed onlookers! She flew away South carrying her prey but returned without it and landed above the arched windows on the South side of the tower (WP)

Approx 1155 hrs the female drops from her perch and flies to the west of the church (WP)

1221 hrs a Buzzard is seen circling to the West of the church (WP)

1237 hrs the male flies from the tower North in the direction of the pier (WP)

1255 hrs the Falcon is on duty at the moment, bathed in bright sunshine. She has been gazing around, looking like she is following something flying by.

1300 hrs as the church clock strikes the hour, the Falcon has another quick look around, but she is relaxed enough to close one eye.

1301 hrs the male comes back to the far side of the North East pinnacle (WP)

1311 hrs the Falcon is trying to get sorted, as she stands, shuffles the eggs, then settles facing into the back of the platform, only to immediately get up and go round again, to face South West with her wings spread out in the sunshine.

1313 hrs she is very restless, shuffles round again to face to the rear right corner as we look at it. Very loud calls close by indicate that the Tiercel is currently at the mic! The Falcon is looking over her shoulder for some moments, then resumes her position.

1315 hrs the male flies to the West side of the South East pinnacle then flies out of sight to the other side of the church (WP)

1317 hrs the male returns to the West side of the North East pinnacle (WP)

1326 hrs the Falcon starts looking around quite sharply, as a gull can be heard calling as it passes by. She continues to look around for a moment or two.

1330 hrs the striking of the half hour coincides with another sharp look round by the Falcon. It is quite remarkable how much sound is channelled up from the street below! Quite loud dog barking!

1332 hrs the Falcon looks round and puts her head on one side. Cacophony of dogs barking in the street below. The Falcon begins to inspect the gravel, occasionally picking at stones. In the process, she rotates to her left to face West, then again South West. The two-tone egg is prominent at the front of the clutch. The Falcon is gaping slightly in the sunshine.

1340hrs the male leaves the pinnacle and flies to the South facing ledge then back to the West side of North East pinnacle (WP)

1343 hrs the Falcon’s head droops, suggesting that she is actually fully asleep, although one eye does open from time to time.

1349 hrs the Falcon stands up and has a little preen, before shuffling the eggs. She eventually settles again, facing the rear right corner of the platform.

1356 hrs another shuffle, ultimately ending up facing South West again, then the Falcon picks up and holds a stone for some seconds, before dropping it again. Further sporadic stone picking ensues.

1400 hrs the Falcon appears to be listening intently, but ultimately lapses back into dozing mode.

1404 hrs a large fly zooms into view, catching the attention of the Falcon

1406 hrs the Falcon’s head comes up, and stares out of the platform for a few seconds. Then she dives back into stone picking. Its possible she caught sight of her partner, who the watchpoint reports was flying around the church tower at that time and he landed back on the North East pinnacle out of sight.

1407 hrs restless again, the Falcon stands up, adjusts the eggs, then settles partially, but not for long. This process is repeated until she sits down facing the back of the platform, looking North. She continues stone picking, so she will probably move again quite soon. Sure enough, another shuffle has her facing West, then temporarily ending up facing South West, out to the left as we see it.

1419 hrs the Falcon begins some more stone picking, then appears to have an urgent need to preen! After that, she resumes stone picking, then stands and gives the eggs another shuffle before sitting down again. Stone picking moves further forward so that she is almost off the eggs. Eventually, she settles back on the eggs, now facing into the rear right corner (sort of North East).

1424 hrs Loud calling from both birds. The Falcon gets up, still calling, but just rotates to face South East, out of the platform and sits down again. Periodic calling continues, mostly from the Falcon, but eventually she falls silent for a while. At the same time the watchpoint take another flight around the church before settling again.

1430 hrs the Falcon continues her periodic calling, although there is no longer any sound from the Tiercel.

1432 hrs our cameraman is reporting that the Tiercel is sitting on the West side of the tower up close to the South West pinnacle

1435 hrs some further calling by both birds, this has gone on for some minutes

1443 hrs more calling, and the Tiercel arrives on platform having taken flight doing one loop of the church (WP). The Falcon, amidst much twittering, leaves and flies off. The Tiercel, giving a few quiet chirrups, settles over the eggs, facing more or less East.

1445 hrs the female is captured by our cameraman on the handrails on the tower roof

1449 hrs now it’s the Tiercel’s turn for stone picking!

1453 hrs the Tiercel is looking around, although at what is not obvious. Then a large fly catches his attention as it zooms around in front of him.

1500 hrs this shift ends with the Tiercel sitting in the sun, although currently seeming quite alert, as if watching something specific. Gulls can be heard in the background. The watchpoint report that every pigeon in Cromer is seemingly panic flying about, the female is

nowhere to be seen but presumable still on the North East pinnacle.

At this point I take my leave and hand over to the next blogger.

1500 hrs Tiercel facing right in full sun

1529 hrs he shuffles and bobs, resettles facing right

1608 hrs he bobs and resettles facing back right, now completely in shade

1630 hrs he bobs and faces away

1648 hrs he bobs and faces right, now back in part sun

1652 hrs the Tiercel gets up and goes to edge of platform. (screen shot)

1653 hrs He returns to the clutch and resettles facing back right

Today’s blogs ends – thank you to Chris, Bev, Mick Peter and Debbie for their expert eloquent blogging and to the rest of the watchpoint volunteers who had 83 visitors today.

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1 Comment

Jonathan Anderson
Jonathan Anderson
Apr 04, 2023

I was on duty in the Church duty this morning. Tiercel was incubating the eggs most of the morning on live stream But heard calling from alcon

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