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The unhatched egg has been broken and consumed! Sunday 07/05/2023

04.44 this morning the second egg to be laid was broken by the falcon, no chick inside. Some of shell eaten, contents poured over chicks by the look of it. Definitely no third chick this year.

06.00 Chicks had a feed, they both looked wet. Not sure if it was rain or the contents of the egg.

08:52 The falcon attempts broods the two chicks.

08.55 The chicks are fed.

11:08 The chicks are fed again.

12:10 The tiercel is sitting on the fleur de leis W of SE pinnacle.

13:05 The falcon leaves the nest and flies off, one circle around the tower and then heads off N. The chicks are briefly left unattended.

13:06 Tiercel flies on to SW pinnacle with prey.

13:10 Falcon is feeding the chicks. Tiercel is on the SW pinnacle.

13:16 Feed is continuing, both chicks being fed.

13:21 Falcon leaves with the carcass.

13:22 Tiercel enters the box, covers the chicks from light rain.

13:26 Changeover the falcon takes over brooding the chicks.

13:57 Tiercel is perched on the NW side.

14:38 Tiercel moves out of view.

14:48 Tiercel is found on fleur de leis East side he then flies off.

14:54 Falcon feeding chicks. Tiercel seen on the roof on the W.

14:55 Tiercel just in view on fleur de leis near to the SE pinnacle.

15:00 Falcon feeding both chicks

15:01 The tiercel is calling in the background.

15:03 Falcon finishes feeding the chicks.

15:21 Falcon shuffles the chicks to keep them warm.

15:23 Tiercel calling in the background.

15:42 Falcon starts preening.

15:46 Falcon preening her tail feathers.

15:48 Falcon stretched her wings.

16:46 Falcon starts pecking at the gravel

16:55 Tiercel calling in the background.

16:57 Falcon flies off and tiercel calls.

16:58 Tiercel comes in to the box with the chicks.

16:59 Falcon returns to chicks and Tiercel flies off.

19:30 Both chicks are fed.

Thank you to today's volunteers for this blog- Bev, Mick, Kim, Chris, Julia and Brendon

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