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The clocks have sprung forward - CPP blog Sunday 26th March 2023

Cromer Peregrines blog – Sunday 26th March 2023

The clocks have sprung forward & the day dawned windy with some sunshine and scattered showers.

0858 hrs We begin today’s blog with the male (tiercel) incubating the egg, opening and closing the eye in view. We got a brief glimpse of egg earlier.

0905 hrs the male has his head up and is looking around

0907 hrs the male stands to reposition egg then settles back down.

0909 hrs he briefly stands again.

0917 hrs again he repositions the egg

0925 hrs the tiercel seems more relaxed

0944 hrs the tiercel is now looking around and rapidly opening and closing beak (seemingly calling)

0951 hrs the church bells have started ringing, the male is now slightly more alert.

1005 hrs the male shuffles around a bit on egg, then settles back down. Church bells still ringing away.

1024 hrs the male stands up, pecks at one of his talons and then settles back down, looking alert.

1044 hrs he is rapidly opening and closing his beak, again seemingly calling & repositions himself on the egg.

1100 hrs shift ends with male having a good snooze.

11.05 hrs the tiercel steps off the egg and goes to the front of the box, returning to the egg shortly after. He does his usual bobbing and shuffling whilst clawing at the scrape. He settles again over the egg.

1119 hrs the tiercel seems a bit unsettled looking out and shuffling around.

1134 hrs the falcon (female) enters the box and the tiercel makes a quick exit. She starts a bit of housework reorganising some gravel before settling over the egg facing to the left, west.

1159 hrs the falcon gets up and walks to the front of the box then flies away.

1200 hrs the female is seen eating on the south East turret

1202 hrs the tiercel (male) enters the box and after some bobbing and shuffling he takes his place over the egg.

1203 hrs to 1300 hrs he remains in the same position as I hand over to the next blogger.

1300 hrs as I commence my shift the tiercel sits on the egg in the sunshine, sheltered by the box from the cool North wind.

1330 hrs the tiercel is alerted by the church bells but soon settles back to rest

1352 hrs he changes position and bobs to settle again

1353 hrs he chirrups and looks about. Then stands to chirrup and looks about some more. This gives us a clear view of the egg in the sunshine.

1356 hrs he resettles on the egg

1430 hrs the male gets up and flies off leaving the egg unattended

1440 hrs a short time later the female (falcon) arrives to the scrape, she positions the egg with her beak and moves a few pieces of gravel. She settles over the egg.

1446 hrs lots of calling off screen. She gets up and goes to the edge of the nest box and is responding to the calls. She gets off the staging and out of view.

1447 hrs more calling off screen and the egg is briefly unattended again

1449 hrs the tiercel (male) returns with his characteristic bobbing action and settles after more bobbing over the egg.

1500 hrs As I start my shift, the male (tiercel) is keeping the egg warm.

1502 hrs the female (falcon) is behind the nest box to the right.

1506 hrs the female moves behind the nest box.

1555 hrs the male can been seen shuffling whilst keeping the egg warm.

1557 hrs the male stood up, moved about a bit and went back to the egg to continue keeping it warm.

1648 hrs the female is behind the nest box

1700 hrs the male still remains on the egg keeping it warm

1702 hrs the male stays in situ and is calling to the female (falcon) then catches sight of her

1705 hrs the male flies off and the female quickly enter the box and back to her egg.

We are very grateful to our volunteers Andrew, Julia, Debbie and Brendan for bringing us today’s blog – without whom all this wouldn’t be possible, thank you.

We anticipate the 2nd egg (assuming there is one) at about 1930 hrs Monday evening.

Blog ends for the day.

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