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The anticipation we may have a second egg about to hatch. CPP blog Thursday 4th May 2023

Cromer Peregrines blog – Thursday 4th May 2023

0446 hrs the chick had it’s first feed of the day very early this morning. The Tiercel was on the chick / eggs and the Falcon feeding

0752 hrs the chick had a feed

0755 hrs The Tiercel took over at this point, and seemed to be finishing breakfast, as his beak was going for some time after he settled on the chick and eggs.

0857 hrs A quick check shows that at this point in the morning, the Tiercel is on the platform, and in this shot, the remaining dark egg has a distinct hole in it. The loose piece of eggshell from the first hatching, can be seen blowing around in the breeze which is gusting still.

1050 hrs the watchpoint observe the male perched on the South West pinnacle for about 3 minutes

1133 hrs the male is now on the South East pinnacle

1230 hrs The Falcon is on duty, and has been looking down at the chick and eggs, but then the chick backs out from underneath and this happens…

Meanwhile the watchpoint report the male can been seen feeding (maybe on a Blackbird)

1242 hrs The Falcon begins calling, and the Tiercel arrives with food.However, the inset camera shows that the Falcon just takes it and leaves, while the Tiercel settles over the chick and eggs with feathers all over his beak!

1250 hrs After a quick snack, as provided by the Tiercel (or maybe she cached it), the Falcon returns to resume sitting. Presumably the Tiercel goes off to find a mirror, as he seems to have something on his beak…still!

1251 hrs The Falcon settles into position and checks that everything is OK for now.

1253 hrs the male can been seen on the North East pinnacle

1300 hrs Having settled the chick down, the Falcon can relax…. for now, at least.

1308 hrs the watchpoint observe the male fly off to the South

1310 hrs The Falcon is having the opportunity for some unihemispheric sleep – her left eye is closed, and all is currently quiet.

1315 hrs the male is back on the ledge eating cached prey

1322 hrs back on the box she yawns, then rises up a little to check on the chick, which is asleep in front of the eggs. She jiffles a little, then inspects one or two stones before relaxing again.

1327 hrs The chick’s beak is just visible poking out from under the left of the Falcon’s feathers. Then it moves to lay more across in front of her.

1331 hrs The chick gives a couple of chirps, and the Falcon gently tucks it back under her feathers. It is getting a little restless, making Mum stand up somewhat.

1334 hrs The Falcon stands a little higher, and starts to preen those beautiful feathers on her breast. Then she seems to play a bit of “This little Piggy” with the chick’s foot!

1342 hrs She is distracted by a fly zooming around nearby.

1356 hrs Having been still for several minutes, the Falcon rises up a little and shuffles her feet, before resuming her relaxed pose.

1400 hrs the watchpoint reports the male fly away out of sight

1410 hrs There are some calls from the Tiercel somewhere nearby.

1412 hrs The second chick must be near to hatching, as the hole is bigger now. The Falcon appears to work her way across the shell with gentle taps with her beak.

1414 hrs the male can been seen now by the watchpoint on the South East pinnacle

1416 hrs It seems like the chick in the egg is calling, rather than its older sibling. The Falcon gives a call.

1421 hrs The Falcon has another look underneath her, checking on progress. She seems to look more at the chick than the hatching egg.

1425 hrs She rocks her head to one side, but then she is looking around in general. Perhaps the Tiercel is sitting nearby, although there are no calls either way.

1429 hrs The chick’s head suddenly emerges from under the feathers, but then gradually withdraws as it goes back to sleep. One can imagine that although the breeze is gusty, the sun is probably quite warm now.

1438 hrs Once again the chick’s head appears, the Falcon gives a big yawn, then reaches to pick at a stone. This move covers the chick up again.

1442 hrs the male is seen by the watchpoint to fly off to the East

1443 hrs The Falcon is suddenly alert, and gives a few calls. She is staring into the sky. Something overhead keeps getting her attention. At the same time the watchpoint see the male arrive back on the South East pinnacle but left almost immediately as a gull perched above him – presumably the female is watching this.

1445 hrs the male is now on the far side of the North East pinnacle so not visible from the watchpoint

1456 hrs She decides it is time for some good old stone picking, vigorously picking around her without moving off her position. There is the odd squeak from beneath her.

1500 hrs my session ends with the Falcon in the midst of a big pick. She rounds the chick and the eggs up again just as the hour is struck.

1500 hrs the Falcon is looking at the camera and just lifted herself so I could see the little chick

1502 hrs She juggles this stone right up over head, before dropping it again!

1505 hrs Pecking at the shingle, is she tidying up the scrape, sounds like the Tiercel is calling. She has turned her back to the camera. The watchpoint report the male is visible on the North East pinnacle.

1510 hrs Good view of the chick, lots of calling from outside, sounds like a Peregrine, but it has not come into the nest. The watchpoint see the male fly off to the East

1515 hrs he has arrived back on the far side of the North East pinnacle

1520 hrs the watchpoint report spotting an intruder and chase is given by both of our residents birds.

1523 hrs the male returns to the nest box, the eggs and chick are visible as she has not settled over them completely.

1525 hrs the female flying around for the watchpoint and the visitors to see

1529 hrs the female flies off to the south

1530 hrs the male is facing forward now and has settled completely over the chick and the eggs

1548 hrs A lot of calling by both birds, he is half standing and the chick and egg are visible

1553 hrs the Falcon has flown in with food and is feeding the Chick and the Falcon has left

1558 hrs Tiercel has finished feeding and has taken the carcase out, Falcon has now flown back in

1600 hrs bird sitting on eggs and chick (having just fed chick) I think it may have been a blackbird. This stage cannot tell which bird. Chick and one egg partly showing. Chirping from chick. Adult alert and facing out.

1604 hrs the other bird flies in and takes over. I think it’s the female.

1605 hrs Now facing the back of the box.

1607 hrs Still chirping from the chick and shuffling from adult.

1611 hrs bird calmer

1612 hrs shuffles

1613 hrs chirping

1614 the male can be heard calling from outside.

1615 hrs now facing back of box

1616 hrs shuffling then still

1618 hrs trying to catch a fly then settled

1622 hrs the male calls from outside but no reaction from the female

1625 hrs chirping from chick

1629 hrs She turns her head and looks out of the box. Settled again.

1634 hrs Adult moves around plus just a little pecking at stones and chirping. Fair breeze / feathers ruffling.

1647 hrs adult alert and looks round to front of box and then settles. Chirping from chick. Lots of shuffling from adult. Is now sideways on and alert.

1649 hrs settles again then inspects eggs and chick. Awake and alert.

1652 hrs the adult is dozing, it attends to chick and turns around seemingly rearranging the eggs?

1655 hrs one of the other eggs is visible is there a crack in it?

Thanks to Chris, Peter, Barbara & Sue for blogging online today and to the watchpoint crew consisting of Julian, Richard C, Julia, Bev & Richard who blogged from there as well as engaging with 154 visitors.

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