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Sunday 4th April 2021

Thanks to James, Nick, Brendon and Kim for todays blog

13.00 As clock chimes one o’clock the Tiercel stands on the front edge of the nesting box in the Easter sun, preening.

13.02 Tiercel stretches his legs and wings as he continues to stand in the sun.

13.04 Tiercel turns and walks back to the scrape, briefly using his body to mould the scrape, before moving to the back left-hand corner of the box out of the sun, where he picks at the gravel.

13.05 He walks back to the front of the box and takes up his watchful position again on the front ledge.

13.10 His right-hand eye closes, and then opens again. This continues and his left-hand starts to close as well. He appears to doze with eyes opening and shutting, although it may be the sun. This continues on and off.

13.20 Having stood with his left-hand foot on the edge of the box for 15 minutes, he lifts and grooms the leg, before adopting the former pose again, left foot forward. Dozes again.

13.33 He walks back to the scape in the gravel again, and uses his body to mould depression again.

13.34 He walks to back left-hand corner again and picks at gravel.

13.35 He walks back to the front edge of the nesting box again looking about.

13.37 Stretches his right-hand leg and then tucks it away, standing on left-hand leg on edge of box. Remains awake and watchful.

13.46 Becomes more attentive.

13.48 He stretches out right-hand leg again then tucks it away again. Remains watchful.

14.13 Starts male song/call and moves back, standing over scrape expectantly, as Falcon heard calling in background. Falcon calls again, sounding as if getting closer.

14.17 Tiercel remains stood over scrape facing left, but with head forward listening.

14.18 Tiercel moves forward as Falcon heard calling close by.

14.19 Tiercel flies out of box as Falcon heard calling.

14.20 Calling heard close by nothing on the cams.

14.22 Bird found by outside cam on south-east pinnacle, but due to strong sunlight and shade cannot see which.

14.28 Calling heard, but can’t make out if it is the bird on the pinnacle due to lighting.

14.30 Both birds heard calling.

14.32 Both Falcon and Tiercel calls heard.

14.38 Bird flies off from pinnacle. Nothing heard or seen.

14.58 Calls heard again briefly, but no birds visible as clock chimes end of shift.

15:00 pm one of the peregrines bird calling whistling

15:04 Both adults can be heard mating on the cams

15:05 pm both birds calling

15:07 Peregrine can be seen perched on a turret

15:15 The perched peregrine departs

16:18 pm Bird calling

16:39 pm bird calling

16:44 pm Falcon arrived sitting on nest area

16:46 pm standing up inside nest hollow

16:49 pm crouched down looking out

16:50 pm picking at stones in front apparently moving around stone

17:00 pm bird settled resting honest in sunlight

17:47 The male enters the box, for a few minutes both birds call to each other

18:18 The female departs the box and settles on the Church roof behind the box

18:37 Something catches the females attention and she tracks something flying above her

19:11 She leaves the roof

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