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Sunday 31st May 2020

6.29 48 leaves the box, he is safe on the tower roof

6.33 47 joins his brother on the tower roof

9.00 Two eyasses now out on the roof with the 'fluffier' one in the nest box

9.03 Tiercel brings in a kill to the single chick in the nest box.  Leaves immediately so the chick feeds itself.

9.09 The other two take little notice to begin with but then one tries to return to the nest box, finds it difficult but eventually makes it and after a little while takes the food from the other bird.

9.27 Adult arrives on the ridge - no food - then flies off.

9.36 The third chick now decides to try to  return to the nest box and eventually succeeds and finishes off the food.

9.49 The fluffy bird doing much preening.

9.52 - 11.00 All sleeping, resting, and preening.

11.00 Chicks home alone. With the larger female number 49 who is still has considerably more down than the two males (one flanking her and the other sat behind in the shade).

11.01 Chicks preening regularly, more and more down being discarded.

11.02 Female number 49 displaying outstretched wing showing outer primary is still at pin feather stage.

11.04 Number 49 female sat up in front exhibiting a lot of down especially compared to the two males whom are showing their almost down free chests.

11.05 All three Chicks set down in prone position.

11.06 Number 49 sunbathing other two chicks behind her in the shade.

11.14 Both males now at the back of the box moving around displaying their almost down three brown speckled chests

11.16 Two males at the back of nest box moving and flapping wings displaying their almost fully formed wing feathers and coverts.

11.19 Number 49 stands up and walks to the back into the shade.

11.20 Male on the right side of the nest box is following the movement of flies snapping bill. He is also moved his head and keeps snapping could possibly be calling as well. Other two chicks settled and not taking a great deal of notice.

11.30 Left-hand male moving around and still looking to be trying to catch flies.

11.28 47 standing at the front looking out from the box, then slumps down beside Number 48.

11.29 Number 47 suddenly jumped up and rushed to the corner.

11.30 Number 48 stand up and looking out

11.35 Two males 48 and 47 are moving quite a lot preening and quite restless also moving wings.

11.41 All three looking out female still reclined appears to be panting as she sits in the Sun

11.42 Two males standing either side of female all looking forward as if expecting adults to arrive.

12.01 Both males in the shadow female sitting with wings outstretched standing in the sunshine.

12.02 Number 49 stands and displays wings, flaps, walks around and sits back down.

12.03 Number 49 stands up and preens.

12.05 Both males now up standing in the shade.

12.08 One male in corner looking for scraps and begin to have a tug of war over one pieces .

12.09 Both males down reclined female number 49 preening earnestly.

12.13 all three now resting

12.19 Number 47 male looking out

12.24 Number 47 preening.

12.26 Female stands at 12:28 pm all three now up lots of down and feathers floating around

12.31 All three looking out.

12.32 All three standing up,( two males at the front female behind in the shade)

12.39 All three standing around and cleaning

12:46 Three looking out stretching wings and walking around.

12.52 48 more alert and looking out.

12.53 All three birds standing and looking out expectantly started to pick up scraps two males fighting over one piece.

12.54 A lot of feathers are blowing into box which it appears perhaps one of the adults is plucking a carcass

13.00 Two birds standing third laying front all looking forward expectantly

13.00 48 is at the back left hand corner, 49 in the centre, 47 at the front.

13.02 47 goes to the back, 48 picks up remnants of food then drags it to the front, pecks at it for a while.

13.05 47 preens 48. 47 runs to the front and puts foot on the ledge but stays put.

13.07 47 and 48 both preening, 49 stands at the back.

13.13 48 leans forward and stretches his wing, lays down alongside 47. 49 still at the back with eyes closed.

13.19 49 preens, turns and flops down. 48 shuffles, all dozing, calm.

13.50 49 stretches, sits up, some preening and lays down. All in the shade at the back.

13.50 - 14.16 Some shuffling and preening.

14.18 49 comes forward, joined by 48, both looking in the same direction and calling. 48 stops and let’s 49 carry on.

14.19 48 scrapes his foot along the gravel, looks at it then shakes his foot.  49 walks to the back leaving 48 picking through the gravel.

14.23 48 moves to join the others at the back in the shade.

14.24 All three come forward and look out to the right, alert.

14.29 47/48 remain at the front looking and out and preening while 49 gives up and moves to the left hand corner, lays down.

14.40 All at the front then 49 goes to lay down.

14.45 After a bit of wandering around 48 stretches wings, turns and lays down next to 49. 47 remains at the front.

14.52 47 appears to have spotted something and runs to the back huddling against the wall.

14.52 47 lays down alongside 48, all now dozing.

15.00 All 3 chicks home alone

15.03 A lone chick wanders around the box

15.08 One of the chicks calls out

15.12 Male brings in food, leaves it and flies off

15.17 Chicks eat the prey

15.30 47 and 48 are on the ledge

15.35 47 and 49 peck at a carcass in the box

15.38 Female brings in food and feeds the 3 chicks

15.49 47 jumps off the box and onto the tower roof

15.51 48 joins his brother on the roof of the tower

15.55 49 still being fed

16.00 48 hops back into the box

16.02 Female flies off with the food

16.14 47 joins the other chicks in the box

16.26 The chicks huddle together

16.46 Chicks stretching

17.01 Chicks cleaning feathers

17.13 Chicks wandering around nest box

18.00 All chicks huddle together

Thanks to Geoff Cleall, James Ramshaw, Julia Ivison and Brendon Ollett for todays blog

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