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Sunday 28th March 2021

Thank you to Suzanne, Andrew, Nick and Brendon for todays blog

0900 BST. The church clock strikes 9am. The box is empty with just the scrape visible BBC weather - 10C cloudy and windy. Switched briefly to other camera angle but no sign of either adult birds. 09.21 vocal bird call - but not sure what it is. 09.23 switched to 2nd camera and spotted the Falcon on crocket. Wind blowing feathers. 09.30 adult bird still on crocket. Not much action. Eyeing it’s territory. The lighthouse flashes in the background. The wind buffets the bird and the camera. 09.45 all quiet. Falcon still on crocket overlooking a peaceful Cromer. There is a bit more light in the sky. 10.00 the scene remains the same. An empty box with the falcon resting on an easterly spire. 10.03 the tiercel arrives and lands on lower crocket before flying off. 10.08 The falcon stands and leans forward. The tiercel flies fast behind the turret. Left to right. She’s looking round and calling. 10.12 Another glimpse of the tiercel flying briefly left of frame. 10.12 She flies off. Switch to box cam. But no sign. There is some calling though. 10.16 The tiercel lands in box. He’s chirping away. He lies and scrapes. Twirls round a few times and stands facing out of box. 10.17 He looks around. 10.18 He flies off.

No birds to be seen or heard on either feed.

10.58.42. Reverse cam relocates the Falcon sitting on one of the spires.

It brings to mind “Sometimes I just sits, sometimes I just sits and thinks. But mostly I just sits”.

11.00.00 She remains on one of the spires. Feathers fluttering in the wind.

11.00: Camera on nest box. No sign of peregrines. No eggs yet.

11.51: still no sign of peregrines. Cane hear peregrine calling from out of shot.

11.54: Can hear both birds calling - the Male? Clucking

12.02: Peregrines have stopped calling.

12.35: Peregrine clucking out of shot.

13.00: End of shift. Peregrines didn’t visit nest box at all during shift.

13:00 No birds visible on either web cam. Overcast and strong winds.

13:41 Male flies into box, and quickly settles facing forward standing in depression, making a continual grunting/squeak. This call continues for several minutes. Female can be heard calling occasionally in the background.

13:44 Tiercel turns settles down on breast in depression, turning and a little scrape with claws. Turns in depression before standing again facing forward. Falcon can still be heard calling in background.

13:54 Male moves forward to edge of box as female calls, then flies out.

13.56 Cam picks up Falcon on outer base of South East tower, facing away from cam. Feathers of some remains of a carcase can be seen fluttering in the strong winds, tucked behind the base of the tower.

13.58 Still stood facing away from cam, battered by stong winds. Preens a little.

14:00 Same position, looking down in the wind. Cam juddering in strong wind. She remains alert was continuing to look around.

14:11 Something catches her eye below, and she watches intently for a minute. Continues alert, occasionally stretching leg.

14:15 She starts preening.

14:25 Still alert, looking around and down with back to cam.

14:35 She deficates.

14:44 Still alert, starts preening again.

14:48 Restless in the wind, she continues watching the world, and starts a serious preen. Remains in same position to end of shift.

15.05 Falcon looks over Cromer on a windy day

15.10 Falcon does some head bobbing

15.13 Male flies past the female with food, the female takes flight and follows him

15.40 Someone is calling

16.14 More calling on the audio

16.16 Male is in the box and scraping

16.20 Male is on the edge of platform being buffeted by the strong wind

16.22 Male flies off into the strong wind

17.51 Falcon enters the platform and moves some gravel

17.56 Tiercel enters box and a spell of bowing takes place

17.59 Tiercel leaves the platform

18.00 The falcon is still present in the box

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