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Sunday 18th April 2021

Thanks to Peter, Andrew, Graham and Brendon for todays blog

8:30 Our first view today is of the falcon standing toward the front of the platform, just catching the early sun with a bit of breeze ruffling her feathers. She appears to be asleep, but she is evidently listening to her surroundings, as she turns her head from time to time without opening her eyes.

8:49 The falcon indulges in a bit of preening. The tiercel calls from close by, but the falcon does not react beyond pausing in her grooming.

8:51 The falcon starts to call and the tiercel arrives. After an exchange of calls, the falcon leaves. The tiercel then does a slow inspection of the platform before settling into the scrape for a few seconds, arranging a few stones with his feet, then getting up again. He walks to the front edge of the platform, where he has a quick shake of his feathers, a bit like a dog coming out of water. He stands looking around, quite alert but not agitated.

8:58 The church clock begins to strike the hour! Camera two shows a calm sea to the North East, with light cloud.

9:02 The tiercel is looking round, quite alert, but the only sound in the background is the usual gulls, plus a random dog!

9:12 Possible call faintly in the distance.

9:14 The tiercel continues to survey his surroundings.

9:19 The tiercel looks straight up in the air, as another call can be heard – not clearly peregrine though. The call comes again, and it does seem to be peregrine, possibly quite high in the air.

9:23 The tiercel continues to be alert, head flicking round from side to side, occasionally tracking something that flies past.

9:25 The tiercel takes flight straight from the platform.

9:26 Strange chirruping noises mixed with peregrine calls off camera.

9:28 The clock strikes the half hour. Odd bird call in the background. Camera 2 shows a peregrine perched on the North East turret:-

9:30 The picture is a little dark currently, so it is not clear which of the birds it is.

9:40 Another call off camera. In between times, the bird perched on the turret just dropped off into flight, possibly just after something else (the other peregrine?) flew past.

9:59 And just like that, an hour has passed, and the clock strikes 10!

10:05 One of the peregrines has returned to the turret in view of camera 2:-

10:08 Falcon has perched facing the camera such that, in theimproving light conditions, her breast is easier to see, although the picture suggests markings of a messy meal! :-

10:22 Birds fly past in the background of the turret – various pidgeons moving fast!

10:28 Possible quiet call as the clock strikes the half hour.

10:31 The peregrine on the turret is preening at the moment – assuming it IS the falcon, perhaps she’s cleaning up after a meal.

10:39 The microphone is sensitive enoug to pick up some music which has started playing nearby.

10:42 Light has become a little better on camera 2, showing thefalcon still perched there:-

10:50 No change on either camera, but a sermon can be heard vaguely in the background – presumably an online Sunday Service!

10:54 A gull glides by the turret. The falcon looks up, but does nothing more.

10:58 As my session comes to an end, the falcon is perched on the North East turret. Other than that no activity.

11:00 end of session, with gulls calling in the background, and a Sunday Sermon in progress!

11.00 Nest box empty. Falcon (I think) perched on NE pinnacle. No sign of other bird

11.25 Swithing between cams. Nest box still empty. Peregrine still perched on NE pinnacle. No sign of other bird.

11.50 No change in situation. Nice view over the sea. Can see one of the crab boats coming back in.

12.04 Peregrine flown from pinnacle.

12.05 Falcon in nest box standing in scrape.

12.07 She settled down in scrape. Alert and looking around. Pecking at gravel.

12.10 Falcon briefly wanders over to corner of nest box . Then briefly settles back down in scrape before standing up and raking gravel with talons.

12.16 No sign of Tiercel on other cam.

12.18 Falcon closing eyes for a nap.

12.25 Falcon alert and calling.

12.26 Tiercel arrives in nest box. There is a brief interaction before Falcon flies away.

12.27 Tiercel rakes out scrape and pecks at gravel.

12.31 Tiercel comes to edge of nest box.

12.41 Tiercel closing eyes.

12.43 Tiercel goes back to scrape and rakes at it with talons, and pecks at gravel.

12.48 Tiercel back at edge of nest box.

12.54 Tiercel closes on eye.

12.58 Tiercel back at scrape pecking at gravel.

13.00 now taking over from Andrew G on this beautiful Sunday afternoon in Cromer, With Henry in his scrape, consuming more stones then moves to the front right hand side of the nest box

13.07 Henry sitting there in the beautiful afternoon sun, preening his eye blinding white chest plumage

13.11 Henry decides enough is enough and leaves

13.29 Thanks to MR OR MRS SKIPPER! for finding Poppy on one of the turret crockets over looking the sea

13.33 Poppy focuses on something happening below her but nothing occurs and still no sign of Henry

13.46 familiar voice of Henry sounds from somewhere in the background, Poppy still in view on the crocket and the nest box still empty

14.04 Poppy eventually stirs and starts preening, after 20 mins of exhausting preening she falls asleep

14.28 Henry calls out in the background once again, disturbing Poppy from her slumbers and she starts looking around for Henry

14.33 Henry still calling out, falling to death ears of Poppy

14.49 Poppy having another good look around, moves making me think she was about to leave at any time

14.54 as thought Poppy soon disappears and arrives at the nest box a few minutes later

15.00 Female is in the scrape

15.06 Female picks at the gravel

15.09 Male returns to the platform

15.10 The female becomes vocal as the male returns to the platform

15.13 Female exits the platform

15.24 Male grooms in the sun

15.33 Male sits on the edge of the platform

15.55 Male picks at gravel

16.12 Male sits in the scrape

16.35 Something catches the males attention

17.00 Male stays on the edge of the platform

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