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Sunday 10th May 2020

09.00 female brooding chicks

10.39 female calling, to edge of nest box, male arrived with kill,

looked like collared dove female feeding chicks, with male in close attendance

10.47 female to edge of nest box with remains of kill, then departed male attempting to brood chicks

11.01 The Tiercel is having a problem in managing to keep all the much larger chicks under his wings.

11.08 The two visible chicks really showing their size in comparison with the male adult bird.

11.11 The male is paying constant attention to the chicks turning them around so their downy backs are facing outwards and protecting them from the wind.

11.14 Tiercel looking round and calling.

11.15 Falcon returns and Tiercel leave immediately.

11.17 Falcon settles onto chicks with back facing into wind.

11.30 Chick under left-hand wing constantly pushing head out falcon keeps coaxing its head back in.

11.36 The wind is much stronger now It is really ruffling her feathers

11.43 Falcon very alert and tending to chicks.

11.45 The chick under left-hand wing still looking forward and quite alert.

11.51 Right-hand chick stuck out posterior and defecated.

11.55 Rain can be seen coming down reasonably Heavily.

11.58 Chicks and Falcon more settled.12 noon rain a little heavier Falcon turned round further into the wind to protect the chicks.

12.09 Falcon now almost standing with wings dropped to better protect the chicks raining quite heavily.

12.17 Falcon dropping head down almost to the gravel to resist the wind which is buffeting hard now.

12.21 Still raining Falcon resting her head down onto gravel.

12.29 Falcon manoeuvred chicks and push them further under her body.

12.32 Wind getting even stronger falcon trying to position so that wind doesn’t lift her up.

12.45 Falcon shifted again To put her back into the wind curved her wings to cradle the chicks.

12.52 Wind appeared to ease slightly falcon dropped down and appeared to rest more.

13.00 Still resting with chicks being protected from rain and wind.

13.04 A face pops out from underneath and quickly retreats. 13.17 Two little faces come out have a look around and are quickly pushed back. 13.52 Female still hasn’t moved but continues to be battling against the wind while her tail and wings are lifted. 14.02 The Male comes in with prey, passing it to the female who proceeds to stand with her back to the camera. The Male moves forward and watches her prepare it and then moves behind the chicks where he stays until they have been fed. 14.13 The Female drags the prey to one side where she stays and eats the remains. Meanwhile the Male moves forward and covers the chicks. 14.18 A seamless change over, the Female comes from behind and works her way over the chicks as the Male backs off, keeping them sheltered from the weather. Female settles down. 14.50 The Male comes back with a small bird, unable to identify. Female is not interested so the Male feeds.

14.55 Male moves the remains in front of the Female where he leaves it, runs round the back of her and after a pause leaves.

15.00 Falcon is sheltering the youngsters from the wind

15.30 Not much change as the female sits tight on the young

16.24 Falcon is still on the young as the weather is still rough

16.46 Male comes into the scrape with prey, a starling, he feeds the youngsters. The female picks up some prey from the scrape, a sparrow, and joins in with the feed

16.52 Female feeds a scrap of meat to the male

16.55 Female takes prey out of the scrape then returns, she does this 3 times

Thank you to Julian Thomas, Julia Ivison, James Ramshaw and Brendon Ollett for todays blog

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