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Saturday 9th May 2020

9.00 Female brooding

9.23 Standing, stretching, settling chicks

9.23 Preening herself

9.25 Still standing moving stones

9.27 Chicks moving about opening becks

9.27 Female moves to edge of nesting box and starts calling

9.29 Flew off, the chicks start to preen

9.30 She flew back

9.31 She flew away again

9.32 Chicks pecking at each other

9.34 Female flew back with with ready plucked carcass, pigion size

9.44 Chicks had their fill so feed herself then took away carcass

9.45 Tiercel flew in tried to brood (they are getting a little big for him to cover)

10.17 Female came back no prey male left she then settle in on chicks

11.00  Female at nest. Chicks have grown massively, their heads would fill an egg (shell in corner).

11.53 Female leaves nest. Chicks huddle, all look healthy.

11.54 Chicks preening.

11.55 Female returns with plucked food item, feeds chicks, all eat well.

12.08 Female leaves with stripped carcass.

12.12 Female returns having dispossed of carcass, settles over chicks.

12.50 Male delivers prey item and leaves. Female feeds chicks. This is their second meal in under an hour.

12.58 - 13.02 Female having fed chicks ate all of the remaining carcass herself including the legbones.

13.00 Chicks being fed by male(?) adult. Adult has swallowed large piece of the carcass.

13.12 Adult with back to camera, alert and standing over chicks.

13.20 Adult preening under wing.

13.21 Adult flown off.

13.25 Adult back. Stand guard over chicks.

13.31 Adult moved to front of nest the moved back to chicks and shuffling at the gravel under the chicks.

13.41 Male standing guard and calling

13.43 One chick now quite mobile. Both adults now in. Male flown off. Female now standing over chicks. Chicks now to big to be completely covered by either adult.

14.13 Female adult upright and very still.

14.23 Female alert and calling. Stretching and preening wings.

14.25 1 chick quite active.

14.32 Female flown off.

14.35 Male back in. Shuffling gravel under chicks.

14.37 All chicks very active, moving about.

14.38 Male out. Female back in. Se titling over chicks.

14.45 Female preening.

14.55 Female picking at gravel. Shifting gravel under chicks. End of shift.

15.00 Falcon standing over chicks - chicks visible

15.10 All three chicks showing, one fast asleep

15.14 One large chick visible and preening

15.16 Turns to mum then gets back underneath

15.17 Adult standing over them with her eyes shut

15.20 Falcon looking around

15.26 She leaves the nest and chicks snuggles down together

15.43 She returns and immediately covers the chicks

16.02 Leaves the nest again

16.15 Returns with a kill - a large bird

16.25 After feeding them she flies off with the remains of the carcass. Tiercel arrives and tries to cover chicks - they are getting too big already

16.35 Falcon returns and Tiercel leaves.  She gets chicks underneath her and then settles down with her back to the camera

17.00 Little change for the past 25 minutes.

WIth thanks to Mary Crane, Andrew Gorton and Ann Cleall for todays blog

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