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Saturday 30th May 2020

5.57 The falcon comes into the box with a pigeon to feed the young

6.20 After the chicks have had a good feed the falcon takes flight, she makes several circuit around the Tower with the pigeon in her talons, the male joins in with the flight before she settles on the West face of the Tower

6.25 Falcon takes flight with the prey and drifts around the Tower once more, after a few minutes she lands once more on the West side of the Tower but lower done

6.30 After eating some of the kill she takes flight again, she drifts low over the shops on Church Street before once more landing on the West face of the Tower, this time she tucks herself in on the ledge

8.20 Falcon takes flight with the pigeon carcass and takes it to the chicks, the feeds them for a good 20 minutes

8.35 A rogue gull drifts a little to close to the top of the Tower and the male is off like a rocket to give chase, he drops onto the gull several times, the gull shrieks as the male makes contact

8.40 Male now drifts around the spire, he settles on the North East turret

8.50 After feeding herself the falcon settles on a fleur-de-lis and begins to preen

9.05 Chicks started to lay down and dozy

9.17 Chick 48 eyes closed but still standing

9.20 48 finally collapsed in heap with others in sunshine. Feather on camara still there

9.38 Standing, preening 

9.45 Chick 48 moves to back of box in the shade

9.46 48 back in sunshine

9.47 49 now moved to shade

9.48 Chick 47 stepped out of nest box with one foot, woops

9.49 All now standing, alert and preening

10.41 All asleep

10.48 Chick 48 walking around

10.50 All settled down

10.58 All standing and alert (can they see food comming)

11.00 Chicks alert but fidgety. Still enjoying each others company.

11.37 Camera position changed momentarily then back to usual view.

11.42 All three chicks preening. 49 wing streching. Chicks seem to be aware of their leg rings, occasionally pecking at them.

12.16 48 wing exercises also hungry pecking at bones.

12.25 47 agitated much wing flapping and picking up bones - hungry.

12.34 47 cleans talons

12.38 49 exercising wings and pecking at bones - hungry.

12.40 All chicks on feet, very alert.

12.46 Male bring in large prey item , probably pigeon. He feeds 47 first then 48 and finally 49. All very orderly.

12.52 Female arrives without food. Male leaves. Female takes over feeding chicks. 49 has a very hearty meal.

13.00  Female plucking remainder of prey. 

13.13 Adult feeding chicks.

13.14 Adult flown away with remains. All chicks up and alert

13.18 Chicks picking at other carcass remains.

13.22 47 close to edge of nest box. 2nd chick at back pecking at carcass remains. 3rd chick lying down.

13.25 All chicks up and alert.

13.33 2 Chicks lying down.

13.38 49 now close to edge. 47 preening.

13.39 49 in left corner.

13.49 All having a lie down.

13.56 All chicks having a wander about.

13.59 2 of the chicks Peering over the edge of the nest box.

14.08 49 now in left-hand corner of nest box.

14.10 Chicks preening.

14.18 49 up and alert pick ing at carcass remains towards back of nest box. Other chicks still at edge of nest box

14.24 49 upright at back of box. Other chicks lying having a doze.

14.30 Chicks 47 and 49 up and alert.

14.40 All chicks up and alert.

14.45 All chicks alert and preening.

14.54 47 having a good flap. Camera froze. Ends of shift anyway.

The blogger from 3 to 5 reported 'not much activity'

Thanks to Chris Skipper, Kim Paul, Mary Crane, Malcolm Crane, Andrew Gorton and Ann Cleall for todays blog

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