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Saturday 2nd May 2020

11.00 Female brooding

Regular checking underneath herself. Occasional glimpses of chick and third egg

11.57 Gets up, appears to be leaving but only stretches and returns

12.40 Some vocalising the moves up to expose chicks and third egg with hole and egg tooth visible

13.00 to 13.41 Falcon incubating chicks and egg. Can just glimpse them as Falcon shifts about. Large hole seen in egg.

13.41 Falcon leaves.

13.42 Prey brought in by adult. Unfortunately, couldn’t get a clear image of it. Adult feeding chicks. Looks like they’re getting equal shares. Some movement visible through hole in egg.

13.48 Adult gone.

13.50 Both adults briefly in box. Couldn’t get screenshot, unfortunately. Falcon now on chicks.

13.59 to 14.19 Falcon looked as though it was calling.

14.31 Both adults briefly in nest box. Couldn’t get screenshot.

14.50 Both adults in nest box. No changeover.

14.53 Falcon remains on chicks.

15.00 End of shift. As of this time, no sign of third chick.

15.04 Adult brooding/incubating - one chick visible as she moves about.  Adult very alert all the time. 15.30 Adult agitated.  Leaves chicks and egg to come to front of the box.

15.32 Back on chicks and egg

16.03 Adults leaves nest unattended . 3rd egg has lots of chips in it.

16.05 Returns

16.19 Adult more relaxed and preening.

16.31 Adult pulling at stones - making a ridge in front of 'nest'

16.36 Adult very figety, turning round and round.  Looks like third chick is hatching.

16.43 Third chick definitely hatching !

16.58 Third chick fully hatched. 

Thank you to Richard Edwards, Andrew Gorton and Ann Cleall for todays blog

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