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Saturday 16th May 2020

9.00 Three sleeping chicks, female at nest

9.03 Lots of stretching, preening themselves then back to sleep

9.45 Camera angle changes to show whole of nest platform. 

9.49 Female leaves the nest

10.29 Camara back to close up as before

10.37 Female flew in with a half eaten carcass feed chicks, also chicks helping themselves

10.46 Female having to pluck fethers from carcass then feeding herself

10.49 Back to feeing the chicks

10.58 Finished plucking the last wing then ate the bone

11.00 Female trying to brood 3 very fat chicks, which look healthy.

11.34 Chicks showing feather quills when stretching.

11.54 Lots of stretched laying out chicks appear to be hot in the sun.

12.05 Female snacks off the bones of the last meal.

12.06 Female leaves nest box.

12.15 Change of camera. New view looking out from nest box over church roof. Female sitting on tower in lefthand side of view.

12.25 Male arrives with food. Unidentified prey smaller than a pigeon.

12.26 Female returns takes over from male. He leaves.

12.32 Female leaves taking remains of prey item with her.

12.35 Male returns, no food. tries to brood 3 enormous chicks, very silly.

12.37 Camera goes out of focus.

12.38 Camera back in focus.

13.00 Male still at nest box, preening. Chicks relaxed.

13.00 Falcon with chicks, standing up and looking alert. Chicks very big now.

13.09 One chick very active. Taking a wander around corner of nest box.

13.27 Tiercel brought prey in and flew off. Female feeding chicks. The two chicks at the front sat up immediately to take food. Third chick behind seemed slow on the uptake. But after a few seconds began to be fed as well.

13.35 Female flown off.

13.49 to 1453: Not much activity for over an hour. No sign of adults, chicks huddling together, and apart from the occasional stretch, not much movement.

14.53 Adult back in and chicks alert.

14.55 Adult flown off. That’s how things stood at 1500, and end of my shift.

15.00 Three young on their own, huddled together asleep

15.31 Adult arrives without food and walks rights round the chicks pecking at the gravel.  Chicks get excited, but adult takes no notice.

15.34 Flies off and chicks settle down

15.46 Adult with kill - I think the same bird - proceeds to feed all three chicks.

15.55 Finishes feeding flies off to a crocket.

15.56 Flies off.  Chicks alone and looking after her

15.58 Chicks settling down to sleep - No ! fidgety

16.13 Finally asleep

16.20 Camera change.

16.38 Very full crop visible

16.48 Three headed bundle of fluff

17.11 Another kill brought in - no wonder they are growing so quickly.

Thank you to todays bloggers, Liz Crane, Malcolm Crane, Andrew Gorton and Ann Cleall

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