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Saturday 10th April 2021

A big thank you to Nick, Julia, Brendon and Debbie for todays blog

9.00 As shift begins, there are no birds in view on either cam, on an overcast fresh morning. The bitterly cold wind of the last few days has dropped.

9.03 The peregrines can both be heard calling in the background. Their calling continues intermittently for about 10 minutes. Nothing can be seen.

9.16 A few more calls.

9.20 A single call from what sounds to be from one of peregrines sat elsewhere out of view on church tower. Then all quiet.

9.45 The Tiercel flies into box, and settles facing forward, in what is now a fairly deep depression in the gravel. He leans forward and scrapes a bit more of the gravel up behind him with his claws.

9.47 The Tiercel moves forward to stand on the front edge of the nesting box.

9.49 He cleans his right-hand claw, and then strikes a pose, standing on the edge, his left-hand claw forward. He watches.

9.53 He looks right, and then flies out of the box.

9.54 The outside cam searches, but cannot locate either bird.

10.16 Call heard.

10.27 Calls are heard as a bird flies onto the base of the South-west pinnacle with prey in its claws. It is difficult to see, but I think it may be the Falcon.

10.28 The bird flies off across the tower with the prey, and very loud calling is heard for about a minute. Then all goes quiet and neither bird is visible on either cam for the remainder of the shift.

11.01. Falcon enters the box and stands at the front looking towards the back of the box.

11.02. She moves into the scrape and circles while scratching at the gravel. She pauses facing forward and surveys her surroundings.

11.06. She steps forward and sits in the scrape.

11.12. She is sleepy now, begins to doze closing one eye while peeking around with the other.

11.14. She wakes herself up bobbing her head a couple of times, all is well, back to sleep.

11.21. She is fidgety, preening her left talon and feathers randomly.

11.26. She lays down in the scrape facing left.

12.28. She is now busy picking at gravel. Reaching further forward until she stands and makes her way to the left hand side. Pecking can be heard against the box side.

11.30. She shuffles around in the scrape her back now to the camera.

11.41. Another shuffle and she settles down in the scrape facing forward. Now relaxed she closes her eyes, time for another nap.

11.55. She is disturbed from her nap, glances round, then back to sleep.

12.04. The outside camera pans round, presumably looking for the Tiercel, no joy, settles back on the NE turret.

12.13. The Falcon wakes and starts picking at the gravel. She stands facing left and stretches her wings, turns to face the back, then to the right, now to the front, sits for a while then walks forward just out of the scrape.

12.21. She walks to the front of the box, right eye closed, now both..

12.33. She seems more alert- head bobbing and beak opening, then back to a nap. Seagulls are calling close by.

12.45. A call can be heard from the Tiercel, sounds close by.

12.52. Fidgety again she preens her feet and feathers. The Tiercel calls again.

12.54. Tiercel calls. She seems unsettled just repositions her feet, Tiercel calls again.

12.55. Tiercel calls yet again. She turns round her back facing the camera, stretches her wings. Tiercel calls again, she turns anti-clockwise to face left and the Tiercel calls yet again.

12.58 Another call from the Tiercel

12.59. The Church bell tolls, the Falcon rests at the front edge.

13.05 Female on the box on a windy day, she is making a scrape and picking at the gravel

13.08 Male is calling in the background

13.11 Female is looking around as the male is calling

13.21 Female bobs her head

13.24 Female walks to the edge of the platform as she spots the male

13.27 Female flies off

13.33 Female sits on a turret

13.37 The male flies past the female

13.43 Male returns to the platform and adds to the scrape

13.51 Male preens on the edge of the platform

13.53 The female who is on a turret also preens

14.30 Male starts to call and the female flies off

14.42 Male stays put and looks around

14.58 Female returns to the box

14.59 Male and female bond in the box

15.00 Henry in nest, suddenly Poppy arrives, lots of squeaking head-to-head, squeaking becomes gentler (Screen shot)

15.02 Henry sneaks off around the back of her and flies away

15.03 Poppy at front edge of box, looking around, goes to scrape, pecks at gravel

15.05 Poppy scrapes and settles in it, but not for long

15.08 Poppy flies off

15.20 Roof camera searching for peregrines

15.24 Poppy located on roof top

15.26 She's moved and is basically offscreen

15.32 Lovely shot of Poppy on roof, she is standing and alert

16.23 She's waddled off screen

16.24 Camera has relocated her, she's gone again, flew this time

16.26 Calling off screen

16.27 Located Poppy on metal roof, she is alert and standing, feathers blowing in the wind

16.35 Poppy flew to nearby fleur-de-lis

16.39 Poppy calls

16.44 She calls, Henry arrives and mates with her, then she preens especially her back end

16.46 Poppy flew off

16.50 Male arrives into nest box, clucks and ducks down into scrape

17.00 Comes to edge of nest box and flies off

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