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Ringing day! CPP blog- Wednesday 24/05/2023

00.00 All is well. 2 fluffy blobs asleep in the corner. No sign of mum and dad but you know they won’t be far away. Other than the odd movement, nothing exciting.

02.08 camera goes off, not coming back on line until 05.45.

05.45 both chicks still in the same corner, one now awake and looking round.

06.04 as one chick nods off the other wakes up and has a stretch. They are gradually changing from white fluffy lumps to killing machines.

07.27 the chicks have had a preen, a shuffle round and gone back to sleep. I wonder if we missed a feed whilst the camera was down as their crops in earlier views, not that they are cooperating, look partly full and the chicks aren’t calling for food as they usually do when they are hungry. We never really stop to think about the technology and the people that make it possible for us to watch these beautiful creatures 24/7. Thanks Chris and team for making it possible.

07.34 adult calling off screen. Chicks sit up and call back, getting excited. Both sitting up calling. They do sound very hungry. Even their tummies are starting to develop grown up feathers and their faces becoming much sharper. Lots and lots of calling, they are going to be a real handful today.

07.40 little one has gone back to sleep, even though older one is making a racket. It’s ready for trouble.

07.41 as adult calls both are now awake and calling frantically. Neither adult is showing but it sounds like mum is giving dad a hard time.

07.56 older chick moves to front of box, must know mum or dad is out there.

07.57 dad brings in prey, quickly followed by mum who takes over feed duties. Thought to be a golden plover, plenty for both.

08.04 mum departs with left overs. Crop of older chick looks full but little one seemed to lose interest in the food before mum had finished.

08.07 both chicks now moving around the box well. Walking rather than shuffling. Won’t be long before they go onto the roof. After an inspection of both corners of the box they sit snuggled together in the far right corner.

09.00 they’ve have a bit of a fidget, but basically been sat quietly for the last hour. Saving their energy for later!

10:00 Male on SW pinnacle

Photo credits- Jane Crossen

10.15 Male flew and returned then flew again.

12.25 Female flew S

12. 50 Male flew S

13. 29 Male now on base of NE pinnacle in clear view of WP.

13.54 Male flew S

14.14 Male flew towards church from E continued E

14.30 The chicks are ringed under licence by ringer Phil Littler

Ringing details-

Bird 1. BTO ring number GV17928 Orange darvic ring VXN

Weight 606g Wing 161mm

Bird 2. BTO ring NUMBER GV17929 Orange darvic ring VZN

Weight 681g Wing 189mm

Phil's initial thoughts are that we have 2 females.

14.35 Female flying circling the church and alarming.

14. 58 Ringer and assistants are back on the ground. Female lands on SE then SW pinnacle, looking over the nest box.

15.10 The male returns to SE pinnacle with prey. Chicks are fed.

15.20 Male is back on the fleu de leis at base of SW pinnacle, Female at the top.

The chicks back in the nest box post ringing.

18.10 Another feed

Thank you to todays volunteers Bev, Jane, Richard, Mike, John and all those who attended ringing. Thank you to Phil Littler for ringing the birds.

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