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Monday 8th June 2020

06.56 He is standing on the edge and calling until

07.00 He flies off.

07.28 Tiercel arrives with prey. He brings it up on the box and a chick, I think male, arrives. He takes the prey and eats it

7.41 He stands on the edge and calls and a sibling, I think the other male, arrives.  The first one leaves and the new arrival finishes off the prey. 

07.54 He leaves, nothing left of the prey.  All is quiet and empty and remains so until 09:00 and the end of this shift.

the arrival of food at around 9:30 was greeted with so little enthusiasm that the Tiercel had to take it to the chicks!

11.00 Camera 3 overlooking roof from back of nest box. No sign of chicks or adults.

11.28 One chick and one adult visible just outside nest box. Both then got into nest box. Adult has brought prey and is feeding this chick.

11.39 Chick leapt out of nest box and is charging along top of roof having a good flap. Adult feeding itself on prey.

11.42 Adult is taking prey along rooftop and has now flown off. No chicks in view. That how it was to end of shift.

13.00 to 15.00 Box empty

15.00 No birds visible either in the box or on the roof.

15.06 Falcon comes down onto the roof with prey and one of the chicks also appears. The chick tries to snatch the prey. Falcon pulls it back.

15.07 Three chicks now around the female 49 pops up into the box.She stares down looking at the chicks 47 and 48 being fed.

15.08 until 15.19 Falcon feeding all three chicks in turn,the chicks were moving backwards and forwards all managing to get plenty .

15.33 All chicks disappear Falcon still feeding herself.

15.40 Still eating carcass looking around occasionally.

15.43 Falcon flew off with prayer remains.

15.44 No birds to be seen in box or on the church roof.

15.50 Tiercel flew onto the roof with large prey started eating then flew up into the box. Looking for the chicks. None appeared, So he carried on eating an then flew off at 15:33 pm.

15.54 Tiercel comes back into the box with prey, looks around, he then decided to leave at 15:55

15.55 No further action in the box or on the church roof.

16.50 Camera changed to reveal all three chicks lying on the church roof resting.

16.52 All three chicks looking round possibly following the flight of one of the adults.

16.53 Number 47. Stood up . All chicks again looking right.

16.50 Number 47 flexes then sits down.

16.58 Number 47 gets up walks round and disturbs number 49 who gets up and all three stand up for awhile.

16.59 All three chicks moving and stirring but mainly resting.

Thanks to Peter Ducker, James Ramshaw, Stephen Green Andrew Gorton and Julia Ivison for todays blog

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