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Monday 5th April 2021

Thank you to Jonathon, Malcolm, Ann, Andrew, James and Chris for todays blog

Still no Egg, but I recall the 1st Egg was laid on the 17th April 2019. Last year was earlier

10:03 Tiercel on SE Pinnacle on the Mobile Camera.

10:09 Tiercel has gone. No sign of Falcon

No Activity until 1059

10:59 Falcon arrives after the Church Clock strikes 1100

11:04 Falcon arrives onto Scrape and sits down and bites some gravel.

11:05 turns round and moves gravel to make herself comfortable.

11:06 sitting on Scrape and looking at Camera with right eye shut briefly. A bit more biting


11:10 Departs

11:29 Church Bell Chimes

13.00 No eggs yet. No sign of peregrines on either cam.

13.23 Tiercel in nest box. Standing in scrape pecking at gravel and scraping talons.

13.38 Tiercel perches briefly on edge of nest box then flies off.

13.40 Checked other cam. No sign of peregrines.

13.41 Falcon standing in nest box scrape.

13.45 Cleaning talon with beak.

13.47 Falcon goes to edge of nest box, looks around, then wanders out of shot.

14.07 Tiercel back in nest box scrape with his back to camera.

14.09 He turns to face cam. Picking at gravel with beak and scraping gravel with talons.

14.19 Tiercel alert and calling.

14.24 Tiercel intermittently closing right eye for a couple of seconds at a time.

14.46 Tiercel pecking and scraping at gravel.

14.49 Tiercel wanders into corner of nest box picking at gravel, then comes to edge of nest box then flies away. Nest box empty until end of shift at 1500.

15:00 Empty box/scrape and no bird on view on Panorama Cam looking south east

15:14 Peregrine calls off camera.

16:40 The panoramic camera does a 360 degree scan and finds only a fierce sea with Northerly gale still raging.

17:00 No further action and an empty box and scrape with no egg.

17.05 Tiercel hops into the platform followed closely by the falcon

17.07 After a period of bowing the male departs the platform

17.11 The female settles into the scrape

17.14 She rises from her scrape and stands in the sun

17.17 She lays an egg which is already broken before it touches the gravel. The egg is pure white in colour. She consumes the yolk and most of the soft shell

17.23 She goes back to her scrape and lays down

18.34 She rises from the gravel walks to the edge of the platform and departs

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