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Monday 4th May 2020

7.01 Very fortunate to have logged in just in time to catch the Falcon completing a feed, and then “taking out the empties”!

7.03 On the verge of leaving, the Falcon turns back as if wanting to feed the chicks some more, but then turns and goes again.

7.04 The Tiercel comes in and settles down to brooding the chicks.

8.44 Just caught the Falcon in a moment of snoozing disguised as preening!

8.50 The Falcon has just re-positioned, but is now actively looking round at something outside the platform.

8.52 She has to lift herself up a little at intervals, as the chicks move around under her.

9.00 The Falcon is currently brooding the chicks, and seems quite relaxed, but there are still moments of alert

9.03 And where do you think you are going little one?

9.05 That chick isn’t being squashed – it’s flat out and asleep! Gravel must be quite comfortable!

9.08 A picture of contentment – parent and child sleeping!

9.10 Falcon is alerted to something up above, but soon settles back to one-eyed snoozing.

9.14 I have just realised that what we can see is the front of one chick and the back end of another! Little tail feathers are just visible!

9.16 And now a second head has appeared! So now the chicks are playing “sardines”! Two heads out, and one in!

9.23 Time for a bit of preening. The chicks remain motionless and asleep.

9.24 The Falcon investigates a piece of debris, possibly shell (?), just in front of her, but discards it. 9.25 Sudden start from the Falcon as if she has heard something.

9.42 Male brings in food

9.43 A feed in progress! The Falcon is feeding the chicks

9.45 Again, it looks as if the Falcon is going to remove the carcass, but she stops at the edge of the platform, picks for a few seconds, then returns to brooding the chicks.

9.57 Having settled back down for a while, the Falcon suddenly seems to notice the remains of the carcass laying nearby, and gives it some close scrutiny for a few moments.

10.12 All settled apart from occasional aggravation from the Cromer fly!

10.17 The Falcon lifts herself up a little from time to time, presumably because the chicks are moving about under her.

10.19 The Falcon gets up, looking as if she is going to pick at the carcass, but then just shuffles about over the chicks and settles back again.

10.31 Another shuffle as the chicks move about, becoming a bit more exposed.

10.32 She looks down to see what’s going on!

10.42 The Falcon is being bothered by another fly zipping about in front of her.

10.48 The Falcon notices that one of the chicks is starting to get out from under her cover, so she unceremoniously shoves the chick back with her beak! This must cause some protest, as she then gets up, shuffles round through 180 degrees, and settles facing the other way. However the chicks seem to be getting round that way quickly, so it doesn’t take long for a head to appear again!

10.59 The impertinent fly continues to plague the Falcon.

11.00 The session ends with the Falcon still in place, dozing in the sunshine when the fly permits!

11.00 Falcon sitting on chicks. Eggshell in far corner. Prey remains (Prey item 1) in foreground right. Falcon seems relaxed. Closing eye for seconds at a time. Flies buzzing around.

11.09 Falcon alert, looking around

11.15 Chick poking out from under Falcon. Falcon more alert.

11.26 Tiercel delivers prey (prey item 2) and flies off. Falcon dismembers Prey item 2 and feeds chicks. Seem to be getting equal share.

11.32 Falcon left with Prey item 2. Tiercel flew in and shifted Prey item 1 next to chickens and tried to settle on chicks and Prey item.

11.37 Falcon back in and Tiercel leaves. Falcon moves Prey item 1 away from chicks and dependent a couple of minutes settling on chicks.

11.40 to 11.48 Falcon settles and starts feeding on Prey item 1.

12.04 chick poking head out from under Falcon. Falcon pecking at gravel.

12.18 Falcon alert and following flies around with head.

12.22 Falcon standing up then settling back down.

12.38 Falcon cleaning wing feathers.

12.43 Falcon standing up feeding on Prey item 1. Not feeding to chicks as far as I can tell.

12.47 settling back on chicks

13.03 Male covers chicks facing to the right, carcass by his side. 13.09 Male is picking at a sparse carcass then proceeds to drag it around dropping it on top of the chicks before beginning to feed them. Two chicks manage to reach up to get some food but the third flops forward, tries to lift its head with an open beak but doesn’t get anything. 13.16 Male stops feeding and tries to cover chicks leaving the carcass remains in front of him. He is constantly bothered by flies. 13.43 Male comes to the front and calls before flying away leaving a clear view of three fluffy white chicks wriggling around. 13.46. Male returns and gathers the chicks in before settling over them. 14.00  Male is busy fly watching while one of the chicks creeps forward into the open and lies  in the sun. 14.07. Male gathers the chick back underneath him by using taps of his wings and a push from his beak. 14.20. A chick backs out from underneath dad and ‘poos’ shooting it out over the carcass. 14.29  Female arrives with prey, male waits around for a while before leaving. 14.41  All well fed, the female removes the remains. 14.42. Male returns and settles over the chicks.

15.00 Falcon sitting on chicks. Remains of large bird (Unidentifiable ) 15:08pm. falcon sat up and attended to the chicks.They were sitting tightly under the mothers breast.

15.00 Falcon Preening her feathers.15:14 pm Until 15:28 pm Falcon appears to be calling with a periodic single call at intervals of around two or three seconds during that period.

15.34 Falcon looking out and agitated.15:3 9 pm chicks become very restless.155 3 pm Falcon picking in the gravel near old carcass15:55 pm bird half standing over the cheeks

15.56 Tiercel brings in fresh kill

15.57 Tiercel departs and leaves the Falcon to feed chicks herself

16.02 Tiercel returns taking remains of carcass and flies out with it.

16.04 Tiercel returns and takes over Guards the chicks for a short while

16.05 Falcon returns and settles.

16.08 Falcon start picking on remains of old carcass.

16.14 Falcon rests and starts dozing until

16.28 to 16.30 Falcon stands up but remains lethargic.

16.36 Standing up resting on wings.

16.47 Looking round and preening.

16.55 until 17.00 Standing up wings dropped and head on the wing

Thank you to todays bloggers Stephen and Clare Green, Peter Ducker, Andrew Gorton, Julia Ivison and James Ramshaw

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