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Monday 29th March 2021

Weather 11 degrees and Sunny with a slight breeze

09:02 Empty Nest/Scrape No Egg yet

0916 Distant Calling

0930 Church Clock Chimes

09:31 Poppy Arrives and moves about a bit.

09:32 She moves Gravel and sits down

09:33 She stands and looks at the Camera

09:34 She walks off.

09:55 distant calling.

10:00 Church Clock chimes

10:30 Church Clock Chimes. Still no activity on the Scrape.

10:42 Single Call

10:43 Single Call

10:51 Calling (sounds like Alarm Call)

10:58 What sounded like an Altercation with both Adults and an Intruder

11:00 Church Clock chimes. Back to Silence around the Scrape.

13.00 Next box empty. No eggs yet.

13.02 Falcon (female) in nest box, looking around and picking at gravel with beak.

13.04-13.25 Falcon looking around, scraping out gravel with talons and pecking at gravel

13.25 Adult preening. Has laid down at scrape and making it deeper with talons.

13.36-1350 Falcon preening, shutting eye for a second at a time for several times.

13.50 Checked out other cam. No sign of Male.

13.55-13.56 Male arrives in nest box and hangs around for a minute.

14.00-14.23 Female preening then laid down in scrape, side on to camera. Occasionally picking at gravel with beak.

14.25 Female up and alert.

14.31 Back down in scrape pecking at gravel.

14.34 Female up and preening.

14.38-15.00 Female left nest box which remained empty for rest of shift. Checked other cam, no sign of either peregrine. End of shift.

15:00 No one at home. Bright sunshine

15:08 Panoramic camera does a 360 degree sweep.

15:28 Peregrine calls off camera and at 15:36 and 15:39 and 15:41 and 16:43

17:00 No sight of either peregrine on either camera during the two hour session but some calls off camera at various intervals.

A huge thank you to James, Andrew and Jonathon for todays blog

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