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Monday 26th April 2021

A big thank you to Jonathon, Julia, Andrew and James for todays wonderful blog

Good Morning and Greetings from Cromer. I hope you had a Good Weekend. It is cloudy with a bit of Sunshine and no Wind

09.03 Poppy is lying down fast asleep with right eye closed briefly.

09.04 Camera 2 is facing Southwest.

09.08 Turns head from left to right. No Sign of Henry (Tiercel)

09.09 Building work heard in the background.

09.10 Henry arrives and Poppy (Falcon) departs. He then lies down before changing his mind as he sists on the edge of the box with evidence of an earlier snack. As his left talon has a bit of blood on it.

09.17 Right eye closed briefly

09.19 More building work is heard in the background.

09.25 The Sun is shining on the nest and Henry start to ruffle his front feathers.

09.26 Returns to scrape for a bite of Gravel and a lie down.

09.29 Dong from the church Clock with no reaction, but he poses for a Screenshot.

09.31 Distant calls from Gulls heard.

09.32 Stands up and moves to front of box before departing. Off he goes.

09.48 Motorbike is heard in the background.

09.59 Church Clock chimes for 10:00 with an empty nest.

10.06 Poppy? Returns to nest and preens her feathers underparts.

10.07 Lies down facing Right to Left. Before biting gravel. Something catches her attention at the edge of the box in the left-hand corner. She turns her head to make sure nobody is watching apart from myself and others watching,

10:15 Now sitting Left to Right. Before preening right wing feathers.

10:25 Moves onto scrape and a few stones fall into the hole, as she lies down.

10:29 Dong from Church Clock. She stands and moves to the front of the box for a large yawn and returns to sit down.

10:33 Turns round to face camera.

10:42 More Preening underparts.

10:43 More Gulls heard.

10.53 Both eyes closed briefly.

10:56 Light Aircraft is heard.

10:57 Calls heard from Henry who was seen on the SW Pinnacle. But flew off as I checked Camera 2.

10:59 Big Stretch as Church Clock strikes 11:00

11.00. Falcon moves forward out of the scrape and sits facing the front.

11.03 She stretches her left leg and preens. Although only half of her can be seen.

11.05 - 11.07 Male calls in the distance several times. She ignores him.

11.11 The outside camera is panning for the Tiercel without any joy. The nest cam zooms out a little so the Falcon is in full view standing at the left side.

11.16 She turns and returns to the scrape, scratches in the hole, shuffles, pecks at gravel and stands facing the right.

11.17 She turns 180, digs a bit more and pauses facing the front perusing her domain, dozing.

11.28 She turns once more, shuffles and settles down into the scrape. The church bell tolls and the Tiercel calls.

11.34 The Tiercel is heard calling and then he enters the box. The Falcon immediately moves to the front and he goes straight to the hole and inspects, chirping softly.

11.36 He stands in the scrape while the Falcon watches him.

11.38 She moves in towards him. They remain quiet and motionless for a couple of minutes.

11.41 They both bow towards each other and again stand motionless and quiet.

11.42 More bowing, a few clicks and the Tiercel leaves the box. She stands at the left looking outwards.

11.48 She returns to the scrape. More pebble pushing around the left back corner, she lies down spreading her wings a little.

11.59 The Church bell tolls midday, she opens an eye, but not for long.

12.23 She wakens, something has attracted her attention. She twists her head to look above and around her.

12.29 The Church bell tolls the half hour. The outside camera moves, no sign of the Tiercel and is left focused on the brighter NW turret.

12.39 She picks at pebbles in the back left corner pulling them away from the wall.

12.42 After a bit more housework the Falcon goes back to the scrape. Not happy with the arrangement of the pebbles in front of her she stands and re arranges them, laying down afterwards facing to the left.

12.49 She turns to face the right, more pebbles moved.

12.59 The Falcon is still dozing as the Church bell tolls the hour.

13.00 Clock strikes 1pm. Male in nest box lying in scrape. No sign of female in other cam. Male dozing.

13.24 Male stands up and starts squawking, looking around. Move to edge of box.

13.34 Male flies off.

13.37 Male back in nest box, squawking and sitting down in scrape.

13.41 Male wanders over and perches on edge of nest box.

13.50 Female calling from out of shot.

13.59 Peregrine perched on pinnacle. Can’t tell which.

14.01 Peregrine on pinnacle scratching.

14.05 Peregrine flies from pinnacle.

14.07 Female in nest box, wandering from side to side.

14.16 Female leaves nest box.

14.20 No sign of peregrines on either cam.

14.22 One peregrine visible on outside edge of nest box.

14.51 Peregrine s calling from out of shot. Cam 2 panning around but no sign of either peregrine on either cam.

14.54 Peregrine briefly perches on North East pinnacle before flying off.

15.00 Box and NE turret empty of peregrines. ?Male had previously moved from behind the box off to right hand side of box screen

15:01 Male flies in and lands on box and scrapes stones and pecks gravel and rotates a couple of times

15:06 Male moves to front of box and starts to preen in the sunshine.

15:12 Picture on box camera is very broken up, male moves to back of scrape.

15:18 Male moves back to ledge and perches on one leg (left)

15:40 Male returns to scrape and settles over it, turning round and pecking stones

15:44 Male moves and pecks to right side quite aggressively like there are insects hidden in the stones

15:46 He settles on one leg on front of box again on right side

15:49 He makes a few short chirps.

15:50 He returns to scrape and chirps and calls increase and become incessant for about 30 seconds then he perches on the scrape

15:53 He returns to front of box, perches on one leg and looks around alertly.

15:55 He preens under left wing.

16:05 He leaves front of box and second camera finds female on SE turret on a crocket.

16:06 A peregrine calls out.

16:12 Female preening on the crocket.

16:14 She does lots of foot cleaning and preening

16:30 The preening stops and female just looks around

16:33 She does some head bobbing and then flies off, no bird on the box either

16:34 and 16:39 A peregrine calls off camera.

16:58 Second camera scans round and finds male next to NE Turret.

17:03 Female calling off camera.

17.08 Male takes flight

17.09 Camera pans and finds the female sitting beside the South East turret

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