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Monday 12th April 2021

A huge thank you to the volunteers who took time out of their day to record todays happenings. Thanks James, Andrew and Jonathon

09:03 Good Morning and what a beautiful sunny start to Monday with a slight breeze. The other camera looking South West.

09:03 Empty Nest. No Egg, but calls heard

09:06 More Calls heard

09:08 Indistinct voices heard

09:09 A couple of Calls heard including grunts

09:11 Silence

09:15 Calls and grunts heard off camera

09:20 Single Call Heard, then Poppy arrives onto scrape

09:22 Digging a deeper scrape, before making herself comfortable for lying down.

09:23 turns to face camera.

09:25-09:26 turns head from side to side keeping alert.

09:27 Arises from lying down only to move more gravel. Then lies down again and briefly closes left eye.

09:29 Church Clock chimes. No reaction.

09:32 both eyes closed briefly. (She must be tired)

09:36 High pitched calling (possibly Gulls)

09:46 Stands up and a Big Yawn and a bit of Gravel eating

09:48 A bit of preening.

09:50 A bit more moving gravel before lying down again.

09:52 Both Eyes briefly closed.

09:58 She is alert and something catches her attention

09:59 Church Clock Strikes for 10:00

10:03 Henry is heard calling and then both birds start calling.

10:07 Poppy goes to the edge of the Nest Box and nods in agreement with Henry.

10:09 Poppy goes to the right side of the box and back to the scrape.

10:11 Poppy then moves back to the right of the nest and Exits Right. (Left viewing from the Camera)

10:15 Various calls heard from Gulls

10:28 Church Clock chimes 1030

10:35-10:55 various calls heard including indistinct human voices and what sounded like a door being closed.

10:56 Adult returns to the scrape, Sits and then lies down.

10:57 Preens and moves more gravel

10:58 Turns round with back to the camera and then turns round to face Camera before lying down again.

10:59 Church Clock chimes for 1100

11:00 until 13:00 Watcher did not submit a report

13.00 Falcon standing in nest box and preening.

1307 No sign of Tiercel on other cam.

13.10 Falcon goes over to scrape and briefly squats down and then moves to one side to stand. Thought she was about to lay an egg, but was disappointed!

13.13 Falcon alert and looking around.

13.16 Falcon wanders to right of nest box. Tail feathers visible for a moment before she disappears entirely.

13.18 Cam 2 panning around. Settles on one peregrine perched on south west pinnacle. Can’t tell which one it is.

13.25 Switching back and forth between cams. Nest box empty.

14.17 Cam 2 pans around and finishes back on south west pinnacle. Peregrine still perching in the same place until end of shift. Checked other cam periodically and did not see other peregrine in nest box.

15:00 Empty box but peregrine, Male on NW turret.

15:02 Male just left spire

15:04 Peregrine calling near box but not seen.

15:24 Female arrives on nest box and settles on scrape with loose wings.

15:25 She turns round to inspect the rear of the box. This is the first peregrine I have seen after two blank shifts!

15:27 She stands over the scrape.

15:28 Another peregrine calls off camera.

15:31 Female preens and plucks a feather out and had difficulty disposing of it.

15:32 Female settles on the scrape for a bit looking upwards. The panoramic camera has a look round for the second bird but doesn’t find it (Chris).

15:33 Female stands up and is alert. More calling off camera.

15:40 Female preens intently whilst standing in the middle of the box.

15:45 Male arrives and both birds bow to each other. Female wont let Male come near and holds onto the centre of the scrape.

15:47 Male departs

15:50 Female sits erect in the afternoon sun. There is no sign of Male on the NW turret.

15:57 Female becomes alert and scratches her face hard then starts prolonged preening.

16:04 Female settles on scrape with back/bottom to the camera and looks round intermittently before dozing in the same position from 16:12

16:26 Female stands up and moves to right gravel pecking. No egg seen, then settles looking out of right side of box.

16:32 Male calls off camera

16:34 More calling off camera, then Female leaves box. No sign of either bird on NW turret. Panoramic camera has a scan round and finds Male on NE Turret. He leaves

16:39 Male arrives back in box and sits on scrape before moving off the edge of box. There is organ music to be heard from the church!

16:58 Male goes to scrape and does some housekeeping. His primary wing feathers protrude more than the female’s.

17:01 He moves back to sit in the evening sun on the RH side edge of box. The panoramic camera has a last scan round for signs of the female. No luck.

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