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Friday 7th May 2021

Thank you to Val, Julia, Graham and Debbie for todays blog

8.58 As I switch on the livestream for my last shift, the Falcon is in the box, preening. It is a lovely morning with blue sky and lots of fluffy clouds over the Cromer ridge behind the tower.

9.15 She continues to stand facing out of the box. It is quite blowy and her feathers are being ruffled by the wind.

9.18 She appears to be dozing off, with one eye shut.

9.25 She is suddenly very alert, looking round. Then she stands and makes her way towards the front of the box, looking as though she is going to leave, but she settles on the gravel on the south side of the box, with the sun shining on her plumage.

9.27 Dong – the clock is even more out of bonk than when we started a few months ago.

9.34 Dozing in the breeze.

9.57 The clock strikes ten and the Falcon awakens and starts to preen and then moves towards the back of the box, with her back to me.

9.59 She turns to face outwards, sitting at the back of the box.

10.06 She looks around and then steps forward, stretching her left leg out, then sits back down.

10.09 She starts to preen her chest feathers.

10.10 She reaches round to preen her back and then starts on her left wing.

10.12 She preens her right leg, showing off her bright yellow talon. Then it's back to the chest.

10.15 She moves to the north side of the box, with her enormous talon outstretched.

10.16 She scratches her head and then does a little more preening, before dozing off.

10.19 Something has caught her attention and she looks up and around.

10.20 More scratching.

10.31 A strange alarm disturbs her but she soon settles back to snoozing.

10.33 The sound of an aeroplane makes her look up briefly.

11.00 I end my final shift for the year, the Falcon remains asleep in the box, and no sign of the Tiercel.

11.00. As I take over from Val there is no sign of the Tiercel, Henry. The Falcon, Poppy, walks to the left edge of the box and drops down onto the roof into the sun.

11.13. She waddles towards the back the back of the box, thought she was going to go behind but she turns and stands facing the front.

11.15. Now she turns to face the back, only her left side can be seen.

11.20. She steps forward a bit more and is now looking behind the back, just in view.

11.23. She turns and comes forward, stretches her wings and hops back onto the left front corner of the box.

11.25 She walks into the scrape and uses her feet to dig, turning then standing facing right.

11.27. She seems a bit unsettled, turns, scratches and steps forward having a good look around.

11.31. A bit of pebble pecking in the left hand corner then back to the scrape where she stands tall facing right checking out her domain.

11.41. She walks forward into the sun, turning her head in all directions, keeping a look out while the breeze ruffles her chest feathers.

11.58. As the clock strikes midday she is still standing in the sun busy preening.

12.12. Having had a short lay down she stands and pecks at gravel, possibly swallowing some, turns to face the back and lays down again in the scrape.

12.32. She goes quickly to the front left corner, alert, stretches her wings and flies down presumably onto the roof.

12.53. Camera pans, thanks to Chris/Kim, who find Poppy perched on a fleur de lis in the SE corner being blown by the wind, those big talons holding on.

12.58. As I hand over to Graham Poppy remains on the fleur de lis, the nest box is empty and there hasn’t been any sight or sound of Henry.

13.00, Now taking over from Julia with Poppy fast asleep on one of the fleur de lis

13.18, Poppy wakes, looking up into the skies, no sound from Henry then she disappears without a squawk

13.33, the camera comes alive, scanning the church roof for any signs of Henry or Poppy, with no signs of either the camera stops facing out to sea with the N/E turret in the foreground

15.58, with the camera still facing the N/E turret Poppy arrives and lands on another fleur de lis next to the turret, but not for long as she quickly departs. The camera is soon back into action having a gander round the church roof, looking for Poppy and Henry once again, neither in sight

14.21, the camera moves once again and finds Poppy hiding up on another fleur de lis.

14.34, Poppy has a look around, then leaves and is found once again perched on a fleur de lis. Must be something about a fleur de lis that she likes

14.40, Poppy cries out, jumps down onto the church roof followed by the camera, where she's still crying out, with Henry joining in, in the background

14.57, Poppy still being very vocal, along with Henry. Now handing over to the Debbie. Also would like to thank Chris for the Camera work!

15.00 Poppy (partly obliterated by a large pipe) is on the roof top making a great deal of noise. She is not apparently getting any response.

15.06 As it started to rain, Poppy shifted along the roof top so a different partial view of her was observed. 15.08 A hail storm and Poppy has stopped calling. She walked out of view. 15.16 Camera scanned and found her with some prey. I assume Henry let her have the leftovers.....this is not a fact but a guess 15.19 The inset picture is virtually the same as the large one ie I am not looking at the nest box 15.21 Poppy has moved out of view again. Camera re found her. Then she flew off. 15.22 Camera found her on a ledge (nest back on the inset picture)

15.24 Poppy is still but has an occasional scratch 15.26 She popped across to a nearby fleur-de-lis and camera followed her 15.30 Rain has stopped, the sun is shining and the light is gorgeous. Poppy flies off and camera relocates her on a different ledge 15.36 Poppy is still but has an occasional scratch 15.40 Poppy flew off and landed in her nest box. She stands on the platform facing into the box.

15.43 Poppy preens 15.45 She turns to face outwards 15.47 Poppy is very fidgety this afternoon and is now standing in the middle of the nest box near the scrape 16.00 Poppy preens/ Off screen Henry is calling 16.02 Henry is located preening on a ledge

16.04 Henry flies off / Poppy settles into scrape 16.12 Due to Broadband problems, the feed was extremely lumpy and the rest of my watch was not possible Hope all better tomorrow.

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