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Friday 5th June 2020

8.31 Chicks cleaning feathers, one is on the roof

8.46 One chick moves to front of box and starts calling

8.50 The chick on the front of the box hops onto the roof

8.55 The chick hops back on the box and retreats to the rear of the box

9.14 Male brings food in for the young

9.17 Chicks feed themselves

9.21 One of the chicks tries to get the food

9.28 Chick flaps his wings and hops out of the box

9.30 Hops back onto the box

9.31 The chick on the edge of the box starts to call

10.25 All chicks huddle together

10.30 The male brings in food, drops it off and flies off

10.33 All chicks fight over the carcass

11.00 All three eyasses inside box, on right hand side. Possibly sheltering from wind and rain.

Tiercel arrives, drops off food and immediately departs. Female eyas and one of the males take food to back. No fighting for food, they both seem to have got hold of their own individual pieces. The other male eyas doesn’t seem interested.

11.02 One of the male eyasses is now outside on the left slope of the roof, flapping wings. Quickly disappeared, either hidden by the overhang or sides of the box, or decided to go for a walk.

11.03 Very brief glimpse as he crosses to right side of the roof.

11.05 Tiercel returns. He eats some food himself first. Eyasses watching with interest but I get the feeling they are not terribly hungry – not as demanding as they usually are.

11.06 All three – Tiercel, female eyas and one male eyas – now tucking in. Really noticeable difference in plumage between male and female eyasses. Male has very little down remaining on his back, though still quite a bit on the head. Female still has quite a bit of down remaining on back and a good deal on her head – she looks as though she has just come in out of the snow.

11.08 Dad feeding an occasional morsel to the eyasses. All very civilised and no attempts to steal the food. Spoke too soon – very brief tug-of-war between male eyas and tiercel.

11.11 Female eyas has her back to the camera and white down very clearly visible. She is a big girl

11.12 Male eyas now looking out at runway. Tiercel feeding female eyas.

11.13 Male eyas now on runway, then onto left-hand side of sloping roof. Exercising wings. Now joined by female eyas, also flapping.

11.14 Tiercel still in box, eating up the scraps.

11.15 Male eyas on the ridge, female on slope to left. They are side by side. Still no sign of the other male eyass.

11.16 Tiercel out onto the ridge.

11.17 Female eyas now sitting on far end of ridge. Can’t see male eyas.

11.18 Female eyas now closer, exercising wings. Male eyas on far edge.

11.20 Female eyas with tiercel. Male eyas still on far edge. Tiercel returns to box, as does female eyas.

11.22 Tiercel hops off left side of box and disappears from view. Just female eyas now in box.

11.25 Female eyas quite alert, looking around. Male eyas still on far end of roof.

11.35 Female eyas does a bit of preening

11.37 Male eyas comes back from far side of roof and returns to box

11.38 Male eyas now preens.

11.42 Still preening. Female stretches wings then seems to settle down.

11.44 Both eyasses quiet.

11.46 Female eyas preening. Male sitting quietly.

11.48 Female eyas is really having a go at that down – white fluff floating around. Male changes position and appears to watch her.

11.49 Both alert and looking out.

11.50 Female eyas now back at entrance to box, paying attention to her feet/talons

11.51 Both looking out, very still. They look as if they are having a game of statues.

11.54 Male eyas seems to settle down again. Quickly up though, as tiercel returns with

food. He feeds the male eyas whilst the female looks on. She isn’t trying to get food, but her beak is going non-stop. Me-me-me?

11.59 Tiercel still feeding male eyas. Female’s beak still going – she looks like a mechanical bird with that beak constantly opening and closing.

12.01 Now turn of female eyas. Male seems to have had enough and has gone to the edge of the box.

12.02 She didn’t get much. Tiercel flies away with a small piece of the remaining food.

12.03 Both eyasses resuming look-out.

12.04 Female eyas onto runway and exercising wings, whilst male eyas watches from edge of box.

12.05 Male eyas onto runway. Female now flapping at far edge of roof.

12.06 The wanderer returns, very briefly. Appears just outside the right hand side of the box.

12.07 Female eyas and male eyas now exit down the slope to the right. Shortly followed by the newly returned male eyas. No eyasses now visible.

12.15 Box empty save for frequently fluttering feathers

12.38 Front of box lights up, sun seems to have made an appearance.

13.00 nest box empty, no eyasses in view

13.06 male arrived with kill, small bird, couldn't identify, came into

nest box, fed on kill then left

13.09 one eyass now visible on roof feeding on kill

13.20 eyass and adult in nest box, chick feeding, adult offering food

to eyass, but largely feeding itself.

13.32 one of the male chicks in nest box, being fed by adult

13.32 second chick into nestbox

13.33 adult left

13.34 2 chicks in nest box, one male chick on roof

13.43 all chicks in nest box

14.05 one chick out onto roof

14.47 2 chicks in nest box asleep, one out on roof preening

15.09 Chick moved out of shot of the camera

15.11 One of the chicks preening and stretches wings

15.18 One chick comes in from roof and settles at back with its sibling

15.25 Chick goes to edge of nest box, other 2 resting

15.35 One chick excretes, wing flaps and balances on the edge

15.36 The chick goes to back of nest with the other 2 but remains alert

15.45 Chick preening

16.04 Chick moves to the edge of the nest

16.19 Chick preening, a fluffy feather got stuck near beak, sorted this in time

16.39 2 Chicks awake and stand looking outward

16.51 All 3 preening and looking outward

Thanks to Brendon Ollett,

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