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Friday 26th of March 2021

Still no egg!

9.00 The clock strikes nine and the Falcon is sitting on the edge of the box, looking out, buffeted by the wind, her feathers blowing about.

9.01 She cocks her head, and then sits, turning her head from side to side occasionally

9.05 The wind is really picking up, and she struggles to stand against a particularly strong gust

9.06 More looking around – she has a good look at the back of the box

9.07-9.15 She remains very alert, looking around, stunningly beautiful, the yellow of her eye ring, beak and talons contrasting with the monochrome of her plumage

9.16 She has a quick yawn

9.17- 9.24 She sits and watches what is going on in front of her. Occasionally she looks straight into the camera – it feels like she is fixing me with her glare

9.25 She looks extra alert and on her toes, as if she is about to take flight.

9.26 And she’s off…

9.33 A bit of squeaking, and a second later the Tiercel returns.

9.34 A lot of squawking as the bird lands and walks into the scrape with his back to us, before turning to face us. It looks as though he going to settle into the scrape, but he is up again in a flash.

9.36 The Tiercel is giving gentle calls, while the Falcon can be heard screeching.

9.38 Facing north, the Tiercel does a little scraping. Then he faces the back of the box and scrapes some more, before turning round and picking at some of the gravel.

9.40 More scraping, this time facing South he walks to the front of the box

9.41 Sitting on the edge of the box he preens his chest feathers. I can hear the other Peregrine calling.

9.42 He turns his head to preen his back.

9.44 Now he is preening his flight feathers

9.45 Preening under his wings

9.47 Now he is working on preening the other side.

9.49 He is looking out of the box and watching what is going on.

10.10 One of the Peregrines calls off-stage

10.11-11.00 No sign of either of the Peregrines – they must be off catching their lunch.

11.00, now starting shift, with no one in attendance but you can hear one of them calling in the back ground.

11.07, more calling, hopefully either Henry or Poppy will arrive to give us all someone or both to watch.

11.11, Can hear both of them very close to the nest box by the sound of it.

11.45, the wind sounds as bad here, as it looks in Norwich.

12.26, at last Henry arrives, goes to the back and sits down in the scrape.

12.30, Henry moves to the front of the nest box, starts looking around making believe Poppy is about.

12.33, that was short lived, before you could blink Henry was gone.

12.46, end of shift looming, been another quiet one except for a quick visit from Henry.

13.00, End of shift, wishing Sean and Stephanie all the best for their shifts this afternoon.

13.00-15.00 No birds on the church.

11.00, now starting shift, with no one in attendance but you can hear one of them calling in the back

3pm Nobody home, nestbox empty.

3.15 Still no bird

3.30 No action yet

3,45 Still nothing

4pm Nothing to look at

4.01 Female arrives! Turns in depression and facing left nibbles at stones

4.02 Turns to face the camera, still standing over depression, tail up against the wall

4.03 Moving forward, looking around whilst standing at the front of the box. Now facing slightly left.

4.05 Turning to look back and now back view facing the rear of the box.

4.08 Shuffles slightly to the left, still facing the back of the box.

4.09 Briefly preening under the left wing

4.12 Dozing, facing to the rear and slightly left.

4.14 Looking around, still from the same position.

4.33 Shuffles to the left of box still at the front and facing the rear.

4.40 Still in the same position, nearly off the screen.

4.53 Still standing there and looking around occasionally.

5pm Still not moved.

17.24 The Falcon is perched on the edge of the nest box.

Could tonight be the night that she lays her first egg? Tune in tomorrow to find out.

Thank you to Val and Nick, Graham, Sean and Stephanie for today's blog.

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