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Friday 22nd May 2020

8.30 Chicks all alone

8.41 Chicks preening

8.51 Chicks stretch their wings

9.04 Chicks huddled and look around the box

9.10 Female brings food into the box and feeds the ever growing young

9.16 Female hops onto the edge and flies off

9.21 Chick 47 stretches his wings

9.50 Chicks chilling together

10.03 Male lands on the box before flying off

10.50 Chicks have a wander around before sitting down

11.00 As at the start of my shift, the chicks are home alone

11.01 All 3 chicks huddle at the back of the box, the discarded prey feathers are blown keenly by the strong wind

11.30 The chicks preen themselves

12.29 Female brings in prey and plucks it in front of the young, she then tears off strips of meat and the chicks hungrily devour the proffered food

12.33 One of the chicks tucks into the carcass rather than wait its turn to be fed

12.50 The young have had their fill and retreat to the back of the box, the female, having fed the young, now has her fill

12.58 The falcon has had a crop full and hops to the edge of the box, she is heavily buffeted by the wind, she opens her wings and takes flight

12.59 With the chicks all at the back of the box, the plucked feathers ripple in the wind like a field of barley

13.00 to 15.00 Chicks all huddled at the back of the box

15.00 chicks huddled together in the shade of the back corner. (Very windy yet warm today)

15.05 2 chicks awake and alert

15.06 1 chick awake and alert

15.13 All chicks huddled and resting

15.23 2 chicks awake and preening, resting chick stretched one wing

15.33 All chicks awake, still close together in back corner

15.39 3 chicks huddled and resting

16.17 no change

16.58 all chicks awake and moving within their corner

17.00 Chicks up and about but no adults

17.05 All cuddling up together, still no adults

17.06 Chicks preening

17.08 both parents arrived in the nest one has brought a kill in and feeding the chicks, I see one of the chicks is actually trying to feed from the carcass

17.16 one of the chicks has taken what is left of the carcass but the adult has taken it back

17.20 chick 48 is having a good exercise with wing flapping

17.25 47 and 48 really getting a lot of exercise walking around the scrape a bit wobbly sometimes

17.34 all huddled up the corner for a rest although a bit "fidgety", the wind seems to be blowing in the box

17.37 all sleeping

17.57 bit of a shuffle and eye opening but otherwise quiet, no adults 17.56  Still all quiet, just an eye opening up now and again

18.00  No change - end of report

Thanks to Brendon Ollett, Chris Skipper, Julian Thomas, Debbie Colman and Barbara Gardner for todays blog

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