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Friday 15th May 2020

08.29 Female preening while standing near her chicks

09.14 Female watches a passing fly

09.16 Female feeds the chicks

09.51 Female gravel picking

10.07 A chick has a wander round the box

10.10 Female stretches her wings

10.13 Female departs the box

10.14 Female returns after a short time

10.25 Female hops onto the edge of the box then flys off

11.00 Chicks are all alone

13.00 female with chicks which are separated, no longer in cluster

13.05 2 chicks self preening

13.32 female and one chick preening, 2 asleep

14.00 female departed

14.17 chicks in huddle in corner

14.19 female back with fragment of kill, feeding one chick, probably

feral pigeon; fairly thick pink tarsus, which chick swallowed

14.21 female departed

14.25 male with chicks

14.30 male on edge of nestbox, calling

14.37 male departed

14.43 male back with kill -pigeon sp,, only underside of wing really

visible, feeding chicks, some attempts by chicks to feed themselves

14.55 chicks mostly sated with bulging crops, adult now eating most

meat pulled from carcass

15.00 male departed with remains of kill

15.00 Chicks have just been fed, their crops are bulging and they are alone

15.02 Chicks waddled about, one preened lightly, another explored the nest, one excreted, two stretched and flapped wings

15.05 All three chicks settled

15.15 Male appears with prey, (a bird that could be a starling?) The chicks waken but are not eager

15.17 Male tears meat and eats for himself. Chicks feed all keen for their share

15.22 Male removes prey and leaves nest

15.23 Chicks scratch, waddle and stretch

15.26 Male reappears with remains of the prey and is eating. One chick requests food and gets fed

15.29 Chicks settle to sleep while male observes

15.30 Male flies off leaving chicks asleep

15.57 A fly disturbs the chicks occasionally

16.27 Chicks still resting and alone. Glimpsed grey feathers on the underside of the wings

16.29 All chicks disturb, stretch and snuggle up together

17.00 Chicks still sleeping, alone

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