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Friday 12th June 2020

8.59 Male brings in food and chicks feeding

9.26 Chicks feeding itself

9.30 Adult female returns and feeds herself

9.36 One of the chicks takes the food of the adult female

9.50 Chick doing wing flaps

9.43 Female feeding a chick

9.55 Chick wanders around the roof

10.03 Adult flies off with the food

10.20 Chicks chilling together

11.00 All three laid out sunbathing on the roof ridge, looks like the female in the middle. All they

need is someone to come along with beach towels. Male nearest to the camera now up and having a scratch.

11.02 Male nearest camera now barging into the female, then walking straight over the male on the far side. He’s up, so they should all be up. Hope he gets to be a bit more careful when he’s a father.

He is now standing on the furthest side from the camera, looking around.

11.04 He has now settled down again, still on the furthest side from the camera. So the order now

is female nearest to camera, then male – male.

11.08 All three still laid out sunbathing, I can see the middle one (male) lazily blinking. They are the

picture of peaceful, relaxed peregrines. Maybe they are sleeping off an enormous breakfast.

11.12 All still there. A gentle breeze is stirring the bit of down still remaining on the female’s back.

11.15 Female has a lazy look around, then goes back to sleep

11.18 Both boys raise their heads as if they have heard something. Female doesn’t bother.

11.20 All three looking alert.

11.21 Female standing, then laying down again, pushing against the male next to her. She settles

down half on her side, as if she is asking him for a belly-rub.

11.22 She is up again, can’t seem to get comfortable.

11.24 Female preening under her wing. Middle bird up and stretching his wings. He now begins to

preen. Male on far side still flat out.

11.26 Female and male next to her busily preening.

11.28 Female settles down again with her back to the camera. May be using male on far side as a

pillow. Male nearest camera continues to preen.

11.30 Male nearest camera now cleaning his feet. I think he might have kicked the female, the way

she is watching him.

11.34 Male nearest camera and female seem restless. Male on far side still snoozing.

11.36 Female settles down again. Male nearest camera still preening.

11.37 Still working on those feet.

11.40 Still preening – does he have a date? I wouldn’t like to be behind him in the queue for the


11.41 Female half sits up, looks around, settles down again.

11.43 Female gets up, settles wings and excretes. Not quite at the camera – I would have ducked.

11.44 Female preening. Male nearest camera stretching legs.

11.45 Female still preening. Male stretching wings and hopping forward. Now nudging the other

male, who gets up.

11.47 The two males now together, female nearest camera. One male suddenly flies off to the right and disappears from view.

11.48 Remaining Male stretching his wings.

11.49 Female vigorously scratching.

11.50 Male now re-appears front right. He is now closest to the camera.

11.51 Female calling – has she spotted a parent bird? Now she is preening again.

11.52 Male furthest from camera stretching his leg. Seems to be moving it a little strangely

11.54 All up and standing on ridge. All looking expectant. Female still preening.

11.58 All still looking expectant as if they are waiting for a delivery.

12.01 Nearest male calling now.

12.06. Nearest male hops down the roof to the right and disappears from view. Male on far side excretes, just missing his sister.

12.08 Far side male flutters down the roof to the left and disappears from view. Now just the

female in sight.

12.12 No change

12.18 Still there. Looking around

12.20 Female now calling.

12.21 Still constant calling – feed me now!

12.23 Still calling constantly, that mouth is really going. She must have spotted parent bird.

12.24 Female flaps wings and walks along the ridge.

12.25 Female hops off to the right and disappears from view.

12.27 Camera moves to show Falcon feeding one of the males.

12.29 Female arrives back, just as Falcon flies off. Female still calling, but not so persistently. May

have been fed off-camera?

12.32 Falcon within view, looking around from the railing.

12.37 Falcon still there, on top of corrugated shed structure.

12.38 Falcon hopping around a bit. Now up on stonework looking out.

12.40 Flies down to roof. Hopping around on walkabout.

12.44 Falcon on top of fleur de Lis, looking around.

12.50 Still there.

13.00 Still there. Breeze gently ruffling feathers. The Queen of Cromer surveying her domain.

13.00 adult in view of fleur de leys, probably falcon

13.44 2 eyasses on roof

14.19 adult depates

14.25 eyass 48 on roof

14.27 much wing flapping by 48

14.50 48 flew off

14.52 48 flew in calling

15.00 48 noted on leg ring, on pinnacle, preening, twisting neck right around to access his back, rotated his whole body to face other direction while gripping and re gripping with his feet Rotated again Head to the left and tilted to the side Rotated again Wing stretch and flap Head on the side to see wing action of sibling Wing stretch and loss of balance but regained

15.04 Settled and alert, fluffy plumage ruffled in the wind Rotated again, wing stretch and kept balance

15.08 Camera checks location of all three, each have lookouts and balancing well

15.10 48 and 47 tbc on adjacent pinnacles and preening

15.23 Preening less but still on watch

15.25 Big wing flap 48, 47 watches and twists head to see

15.26 48 flew off and out of shot, 47 looks about, camera moves to see 48, it was a short but successful flight

15.28 48 makes a short flight to the left and out of shot

15.29 Camera has located 48 and 47 tbc both on pinnacles with two between them

15.31 47 having a wobble, 48 having a wing flap

15.33 47 big wing flap and wobble, 48 flies to next door pinnacle and calls

15.36 48 has big wing flap but remains on pinnacle, 47 does the same

15.37 48 flies to pinnacle next to 47

15.38 48 flies out of shot, 47 flies to next door pinnacle and calls, adult male flies in with remnants of prey, drops it and flies off. 47 flies out of shot

15.39 Camera searching for action

15.40 Roof top view, 47 hobbles/ limps on the roof ridge, he is alert and twisting head to watch overhead, sibling joins the shot

15.44 47 walks off

15.51 47 and 48 tug of war with prey 47 being the victor I think, tearing flesh off effectively, 47 hobbled off with prey remnants

15.52 No birds in shot

15.53 47 eating prey, putting the bones to one side, using his feet to keep it still and aid tearing

15.56 47 walked off shot leaving remains of prey

15.57 camera on 47 feeding still, efficient separation of flesh from carcase

16.03 camera rotates 360 degrees to search for siblings but I didn’t spot them, returns to 47 as he finishes his feed, excretes and hobbles off shot, moves onto roof ridge and settles

16.08 47 calling although he’s settled right down

16.16 47 calling again

16.18 sibling comes into shot and flaps off again

16.19 47 calling, camera pans to see all three, one high on an inner ledge of a pinnacle

16.20 camera pans again, 47 hobbles down the roof to the gully

16.22 47 hunkers down among the ridge tiles and rests but alert

16.26 48 flies in and seems to care for 47, head to head, seems gentle, 47 remains laying down, beak to beak contact, both hunker down together, 48 may be preening head of 47

16.37 48 stands and flaps off

16.38 camera pans to check all, zooms in on 47 eyes open and alert

16.46 47 calling

16.51 49 approaches 47, head and eye contact, hunker down together, 49 preens 47

16.56 both unsettled but resettle very close to each other

17.00 2 very sleepy chicks. not sure where No. 3 is

17.19 one of the chicks is preening, and then gets its head down again

17.28 both chicks have been calling presumably they would like some food, but are now sleeping again

17.31 both have their eyes open and one is calling, then eyes close again

17.35 both alert, think they heard something but no sign of the other chick or an adult

17.38 both calling and very alert 

17.40 heads were following something above them, was it an adult with food, no one has appeared though but obviously something is going on as they keep moving their heads following it

17.50 3rd chick just appeared could not see the ring number

17.55  moving around now and camera view has changed

18.02 All 3 are together now

Thanks to Brendon Ollett, Anne Shilton, Julian Thomas, Barbara Gardner and Debbie Colman for todays blog

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