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First day of the watchpoint today. CPP blog Saturday 1st April 2023

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Cromer Peregrines blog – Saturday 1st April 2023

0900 hrs as I start the blog today the falcon is sitting over the eggs.

1000 hrs she hasn’t moved at all over the last hour but now she is beginning to look around, still appearing relaxed.

1016 hrs she starts to look to one side watching as the tiercel enters the box. There is lots of vocal communication between them. As they changeover we get a quick glimpse of the eggs. The falcon flies away.

1018 hrs he is scratching at gravel and bobbing around before settling over the eggs facing to the right, east. He’s not comfortable, more bobbing.

1022 hrs more fidgeting, he is struggling to cover those two eggs underneath him. He tries to reposition them but gets there in the end.

1025 hrs the falcon can be seen on the left of the screen outside of the box sitting on the top of the stairs preening.

1045 hrs no change, tiercel is still on the egg looking out of the box, falcon still visible outside

1115 hrs until just now both peregrines have been like statues. The tiercel breaks the stillness with some shuffling.

1129 hrs the falcon turns and walks along the stair roof out of view.

1140hrs Our first Watchpoint of this season is set up and reports that the falcon has arrived back in view.

1142 hrs the tiercel chirrups

1145hrs he shuffles a bit and settles facing forward

1145 hrs the Falcon flies off from the roof, scaring the local pigeon population before land on the south side of the church on the ledge below the crenelations.

1200 hrs the Watchpoint reports that the falcon has flown onto the top of the NE fleur de lis

1201 hrs the Falcon flies from the south to the north east pinnacle, where she is protected from the strong northerly wind coming off the sea.

1218 hrs after wowing several members of the public, with great views in the telescopes, the falcon drops onto the corrugated roof and remains there for well over an hour.

1300 hrs the Tiercel is on the eggs facing left (West)

1324 hrs the watchpoint report a Sparrowhawk was spotted flying on the North side of the church

1417 hrs he shuffles, bobs and rearranges the eggs and himself

1418 hrs he calls and looks about then resettles

1421 hrs He calls and looks about

1422 hrs the watchpoint report the female taking to the skies and having a good wing stretch flying quite low round the church tower and in the general area of the church and causing a stir amongst the pigeons and wowing those watching with her grace.

1425 hrs he calling again

1426 hrs the watchpoint report the female is now perched close to the top of the North East Pinnacle, she sits there for some time.

1434 hrs he bobs and shuffles slightly

1444 hrs a bit more squeaking

1443 hrs he calls and looks keenly

1444 hrs the watchpoint report the falcon has flown in towards the general direction of the nest box, seconds later she arrives in view and the tiercel bids a hasty retreat around the back of her and away from the box. She settles quickly over her eggs.

1500 hrs She preens and packs at gravel as I finish my shift.

Very shortly after change over the watchpoint report that the Tiercel flies onto the exact same spot, on the north east pinnacle, as the falcon just left.

1507 hrs the watchpoint are a great input into activities outside the box & report that the Tiercel flies off purposefully South West. After only a couple of minutes away he brings back what looks like a golden plover or turnstone and delights the onlookers at the Watchpoint by plucking it on the head of the south east gargoyle.

1516 hrs a brazen lesser black backed gull mobs the plucking Tiercel and a chase in the air pursues. The Tiercel loses his prey to the gulls and returns back to the protection of the north east pinnacle.

Blog ends for the day.

Thanks today to our blog volunteers today – Julia, Debbie, Mike & Rachel

It’s been a great first day on the watchpoint, lovely to see lots of familiar faces and equally lovely to welcome just over 140 visitors to talk all things peregrine with and some were even lucky enough to get a glimpse of one too. We leave today as the showers start around 1530 hrs.

The watchpoint will be open again tomorrow 1200 hrs to approx 1600 hrs (weather permitting).

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