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Easter Weekend Saturday 08/04/2023

0900 hrs As I start my shift the tiercel is sitting on the eggs facing forward.

0943 hrs The falcon is seen approaching along the church roof. She enters the box. There is a very swift changeover. The falcon quickly takes her position over the eggs facing to the left.

1006 hrs. Falcon is eating some gravel in front of her. She leans forward exposing the eggs behind her, turns and repositions herself facing SE

(Photo opportunity here)

1021 hrs. She looks around and leans to look out of the box to the left, shuffles and settles back down.

1026 hrs. She looks around again, pecks at gravel, lifts up off the eggs and then settles facing the right back corner.

1043 hrs. Something catches her attention as she peers out of the box.

1057 hrs. Falcon is sleeping with her head tucked over her shoulder

1106 hrs She is eating gravel again, stands and turns to face the front and settles down. A fly appears to be annoying her.

1112 hrs she is pecking at gravel again.

1127 hrs time for a bit of preening.

1149 hrs. The tiercel enters the box. Again another fast changeover, must keep those eggs warm. He quickly settles down over them facing to the right, chirps to himself for a while.

1152 hrs he is watching something outside the box, maybe the falcon is close by.

1200 hrs. He is looking around and chirruping but seems relaxed. Settles facing to the right again.

1211 hrs a little shuffle, now facing the back of the box. Picks at some gravel.

1214 hrs. More bobbing while he tries to get comfortable. He pushes an egg underneath him and chirps.

1223 hrs. He raises his head and looks alert staring forward.

1228 hrs. He relaxes and arranges gravel, turns, bobs, turns some more, bobs again, shuffles, bobs. He really can’t get comfortable. Eventually ends up facing the back of the box.

1231 hrs. Spoke too soon. More bobbing and finishes facing the back of the box again.

12.45 Incubation change over tiercel takes over from the falcon.

1300 hrs As I end my shifts the tiercel remains relaxed, awake and occasionally looking out over his left shoulder.

13.01 Falcon perched on the NE pinnacle. After having a fly around when she left the nest.

Photo credits- Jane C

13.18 Falcon preening.

14.50 Falcon on NE pinnacle.

15.16 Falcon flew from pinnacle.

1637 hrs when he lifted off the eggs slightly in order to rearrange them, also giving us a view. This went on for 3 minutes until he settled down facing left.

1650 the falcon is seen coming along the church roof and enters the box. The tiercel chirps and leaves. A quick exchange as the falcon takes up the incubating.

239 visitors saw the Peregrines from the watchpoint today.

Photo credits- Jane C

Thank you to todays volunteers- Julia watching online and Mike Harmer, Jane and Shena live at the watchpoint.

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