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Easter Sunday- 09/04/2023

0900 the tiercel is sitting on the eggs.

0907. The falcon calls, she is nearby

0911. She calls again, very close to the mic. The tiercel doesn’t react.

0922. The tiercel starts chirruping and looking around.

0925 A gull can be heard quite close by. The falcon can be seen on the ridge of the church roof. The tiercel is chirruping to her.

0926. She flies off quickly in a westerly direction.

0927. He is watching her flying above him, calling. He gets off the eggs and goes towards the front of the box. Still calling flies away.

0929. The falcon returns to the eggs.

0932. She is watching, peering upwards and is very alert.

0933. Alarm calling, she stands up and goes to the front of the box. Flies off.

0934. Both birds are very vocal.

0935. The falcon returns to the box, settles facing towards the back.

0938-0942. There are very loud calls between them.

0945. The Easter Sunday church bells start. These last for around an hour but the birds seem oblivious to them.

1013. The screen goes blank for a couple of minutes, perhaps the connection from the church but as it comes back on the falcon is in the same position.

1021. She turns to face the front.

1048 The falcon leaves the box and goes onto the ridge of the church where the tiercel comes in with prey. He gives it to the falcon and comes into the box to continue incubating. The falcon takes her prey onto the SE pinnacle.

1055. He bobs around to get comfortable while chirruping to himself and looking out of the box.

1118. He is still relaxed over the eggs, dozing.

1124. The falcon enters the box. There is a brief chatter between them and the tiercel leaves. The falcon takes her place over the eggs facing towards the back of the box.

1200. The falcon is asleep.

1256. She goes to the front of the box and calls loudly.

1257. After no response from the tiercel she gives up and returns to the eggs.

1326. She is looking upwards and gives out a few calls. She is twisting and turning her head looking all around.

1330. A faint call is heard, she goes to the left of the box and goes down onto the roof out of sight. Chirruping can be heard. We get a good view of the eggs.

1332. The tiercel comes in and takes over the incubation.

1532. The tiercel is still in situ, asleep.

1545. There is chirruping between them. She is not too close to the microphone, perhaps on a church pinnacle. This continues for a couple of minutes. He makes short calls and she is making long ones.

1553. The falcon comes into the box. There is a brief chat and the tiercel leaves. She quickly takes her position over the eggs facing right.

1629 The falcon wakes and stands. She inspects her eggs and turns herself round to look out of the box.

1647. Falcon wakes from her doze in the sun and picks at gravel, swallowing selected ones. Turns to face the back of the box.

1652. She stands - but at this point the feed to the webcam shuts down again.

1656 Back online with the falcon facing forwards taking in the evening sun.

A huge thank you to Julia for todays blog and to Chris for extracting the webcam photo.

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