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Easter Monday- 10/04/2023

0625. The tiercel is on the eggs. The falcon comes in and takes over.

1000. A bedraggled falcon is still hunkered down over her eggs keeping the eggs warm and dry. She is sleeping.

1100. She hasn’t moved.

1119. The tiercel can be seen approaching along the church roof ridge. He enters the box. There is a swift changeover. A short vocalisation between them and she leaves.

The tiercel watches her go and then quickly bobs and positions himself over the eggs facing the back of the box.

137. The falcon is looking wet on the inside of the SE pinnacle.

1239. The tiercel has remained in the same position for the last hour. He bobs and settles in the same place.

1250. The falcon hasn’t moved either, she is just wetter.

13.00 The Tiercel is hunkered down on the eggs facing the back of the box - can't blame him in view of the weather - the rain is dripping off the top of the box.

13.02 He has a very cursory preen of the feathers on his back. Then he gradually falls asleep.

13.37 He has a quick look over his shoulder but goes back to resting, though more awake.

13.46 Another quick peek over his shoulder.

14.17 THe Tiercel is awake and peering about

14.21 He shuffles about as though he is going to turn the eggs

14.22 He looks around from time to time.

14.24 The sun has come out.

14.32 He is more alert and peering over his shoulder.

14.33 He shuffles about and turns the eggs before settling back down with a couple of bobs, facing east.

14.34 More shuffling and now facing north-.east. He settles down to dozing.

14.50 A fly attracts his attention.

14.51 The Falcon can be heard screeching close by. The Tiercel starts to chirrup.

14.52 A moment later the Falcon flies in.

Without ceremony the Tiercel gets off the eggs and heads for the edge of the box and departs. The Falcon settles onto the scrape, facing north-east, and remains there for the last few minutes of my shift.

Thank you to today's volunteers- Julia and Valerie

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