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Cromer Peregrines blog – Sunday 14th May 2023

0558 hrs was the first feed of the day for our two chicks

0726 hrs the female left the chicks for a brief time (about 45 seconds) just for a bit of a stretch but was soon back. We get to see one of the chicks preening a little and the other stretching out it’s not so little leg!

0758 hrs it was time for the second feed of the day, we get a brief view of both chicks sitting up, there’s a loud exchange of calling between the adults and the Tiercel brings the prey into the box and passes it to the Falcon

Approx 0850 hrs it’s peek a boo time for one of the chicks!

0913 hrs mum left the box, both chicks looking content

0916 hrs mum returned, no food, snuggled over smaller chick, there’s a bit of calling

0932 hrs lots of chatter, mum can’t get comfy

1003 hrs lots of calling from mum as church bells start ringing below. Feather stuck to the bridge of her nose.

1004 hrs dad brings in brunch (feed 3). Whatever it is/was still has lots of dark downy feathers on. Both chicks keen to eat. Big chick always seems to position itself in front of the smaller one but both are getting fed. Crop of larger chick is very swollen, can’t see the smaller one as easily.

1009 hrs mum ate the foot then left the box taking away the remnants. Both chicks snuggled up together.

1010 hrs the male returned to the box to cover chicks

1014 hrs the female came back and male flew off

1100 hrs mum has a preen of her feathers. The heads of 2 well fed chicks are visible poking out to her right-hand side.

1105 hrs both chicks shuffling about. New feathers on wing of older chick clearly visible. Grabbed a screen shot, the feathers weren’t all I got!

It’s easy to see how the walls get such a mess!

1134 hrs mum pecking at the gravel, chicks fidgeting (again).

1137 hrs mum gets knocked off her feet by the big chick who then puts in a surprise appearance

1150 hrs the watchpoint report the male is on the East side Fleur De Lis before flying off North

1213 hrs the male can be seen by the watchpoint on the South West gargoyle

1235 hrs the male is now on the South East gargoyle plucking prey

1237 hrs the male is now perched on the South East pinnacle with feathers sticking out of his beak!

1245 hrs the male has moved to the top of the South East pinnacle and there he sat until 1303 hrs facing the watchpoint as the sun came out giving the visitors great views. He then flew off to the North

1309 hrs the feather from nose now moved up a bit and is stuck to her forehead

1310 hrs the female moves to front of box the flies off. Chicks are quiet.

1315 hrs the female returns with small downy prey (feed 4) to excited squeals from the kids. Little one eating, big one happy to have a preen until it realised it was missing out. Completely eaten by 1324 hrs so mum settles down again.

1329 hrs the watchpoint watch the male perch briefly on the South side Fleur De Lis before flying North West

1333 hrs the male is off… he flies a few laps of the tower before flying onto the roof ………

1334 hrs the male arrives with prey (feed 5), tries to feed the chicks with mum supervising but he seems to be eating more of it and mum intercepts most of it. She does let him feed a few mouthfuls to them. You can really see the size difference between parents.

The watchpoint are pleased to report the sun is out and the skies have cleared

1344 hrs the male reappears in view of the watchpoint sitting on the South West gargoyle before moving to the North East pinnacle

1401 hrs she preens

1407 hrs she performs more preening and a bit of yoga. Not much wrong with these feathers

1417 hrs lots of peeping from the chicks. One of them trying to help with the housekeeping by pecking at feathers.

1422 hrs several flies in the box, one daring to land on her back

1424 hrs older chick decided it’s too grown up to stay snuggled under mum and scrambles out to sit in the sunshine, mum happy to let it but keeps a careful eye open. Little one remains underneath. What a little beauty!

1431 hrs the chick is looking at the nice warm patch under mum, wondering if he’d done the right thing. By 1432 hrs he was back under the duvet

1440 hrs mum is very alert and looking around

1442 hrs the falcon is watching flies and generally just chilling out. Chicks have settled and she is making the most of the chance to rest.

1443 hrs after a quick search the watchpoint report the male is on the third crocket down on the North West pinnacle, a great view if you’re coming out of the supermarket!

1447 hrs the male has flown South

1454 hrs the male has returned to the North East pinnacle

1500 hrs the female is keeping the chicks warm

1501 hrs the male is showing nicely to the watchpoint and its visitors

1517 hrs the females stays put but starts preening

1523 hrs the female is now gravel pecking

1534 hrs the male flies again and perches out of sight before coming to land on the North East ledge at the same time the female is reported to fly from the nest box

1536 hrs the male flies off South and then returns and can be seen on the South West gargoyle plucking prey

1537 hrs it’s the sixth feed of the day for our hungry growing pair of chicks, this time the female went and retrieved their meal

1544 hrs the male is now on the North East gargoyle briefly before flying off again out of sight as it’s noted the feed has finished

1546 hrs the male is back, this time on the South West gargoyle

1549 hrs the female starts calling

1555 hrs the male has moved again this time to the South West pinnacle where he remains as the watchpoint closes for the day

1605 hrs the female is preening again

1630 hrs the female went to the edge of the box but soon returned to her chicks

1646 hrs she’s back on the edge of the box

1652 hrs the female is back snuggling with her chicks again

1654 hrs she seems restless and is back on the edge of the box

1655 hrs the female flies off

1700 hrs at the moment the chicks are seemingly unattended

1723 hrs another feed (number 7) is reported by one of our watchpoint volunteers who can’t resist tuning in once home. Chick 2 was a bit late to join in but soon there was no stopping him feeding too!

1839 hrs mum has left the two to their own devices briefly and they can both be seen sitting together preening

Thanks to Bev & Brendon for their blogging today & to Mick & Rachel for their efforts on the watchpoint and engaging with 130 visitors. Some youngsters visited too and showed some genuine interest which was absolutely great to see.

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