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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- Special Edition 25/05/2022

Thankyou to Graham , Jane, Chris and Kim for this blog.

5.26am The chick left the nest box for the first time! The chick is now 28 days old and as in previous years the chicks left the box at around the same age (In 2020 the male leg ring code 48 left at 29 days old). The chick leaving the box is a good sign it shows the chick is developing well and it will now have a larger area to exercise and build up its strength before taking its first flight (fledging) in a few weeks time.

7.23 The chick is on the roof Infront of the box

7.25 The Adults bring in food for the chick and feed it.

11.00, With the juvenile escape now spread - eagled on the church roof.

11.30, No change with the juvenile in the same position.

11.45, She stirs and starts calling out.

12.18, She eventually moves, settles just in view of the camera.

12.20, Once again she moves this time completely out of view.

12.28, Thanks to the camera operator the camera comes into action scouring the church roof for the juvenile eventually finding her next to the walkway.

12.45, Once again the Juvenile moves this time she makes her way down to the bottom of the roof. But not for long as she has another change of position, making her way back up to the top. Stretching her wings on the way.

13.00, End of my shift, hoping you all have a great afternoon.

Photo credits- Jane Crossen.

13.15 The Falcon prepares food for the chick on the gargoyle on the E side of the church.

18.23 Both adults are on the SW turret/pinnacle

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3 Kommentare

26. Mai 2022

Phew! Thanks for letting us know that it's normal for the chick to leave the platform. I was getting very anxious seeing it on the roof and worrying about it being taken by a predator or being blown off. This is my first time watching the peregrines at Cromer and it has been fascinating. Thanks for all you do.

Gefällt mir
27. Mai 2022
Antwort an

Thanks all very special

Gefällt mir

Ann Smith
Ann Smith
26. Mai 2022

Thanks this - wonderful pictures

Gefällt mir
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